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  1. Darwinism at its finest!
  2. Anyone looking for a liferaft? Trademe listing https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/parts-accessories/safety/listing/4714902867 CSM 6 Man Manufactured 2022 First Service due Nov 2025
  3. there are currently about 15 empty 12m berths on F1 pier alone. Westhaven have overcooked it with price increases.
  4. Area in green box is where vessels often shelter under North Cape Area in red box is a shallow area which in certain conditions will cause waves to rear up / amplify. As you can see it would be very tempting to cut the corner and go over the shallow patch as you get to the sheltered anchorage quicker... However it would be much safer making a much wider rounding
  5. Another organization going broke. Fixed
  6. After St Johns rebranded donations dropped... would have thought Coastguard would learn from that!
  7. Jon... you might want to edit some of your spelling!🤣
  8. Cameron

    Moonraker 17

    I thought the first job on a Tucker boat was to install a decent stereo, fog machine and laser lights? These items are all required for a boat warming!
  9. I actually wasn't think of you... but now you mention it!!! There is a certain blue boat in the river that shall we say continues to provide entertainment...and wonder about what will happen next!
  10. You get your share of crazies up that river!
  11. I have installed the same as the link above on a boat... used it during Fiordland tour last summer. Brilliant
  12. https://www.jbhifi.co.nz/products/starlink-standard-kit-high-speed-low-latency-satellite-internet?gad_source=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIt-Dl8MuZhAMVxAd7Bx0thgm2EAQYASABEgJA__D_BwE
  13. Don't bother... go starlink
  14. Coming from the biggest offender of the above that I know!!! "Do what I say not as I do!" springs to mind!
  15. For a Wright 10 I would expect the trip to be 2.5-3 days non stop. Anchoring every night isn't that feasible as a lot of the trip is very exposed and places to anchor are either well off track or only suitable in limited wind/swell directions. Rounding East Cape is a serious undertaking...Ive done it at least 8 times and only had 2 calm roundings, the others were getting bashed to various degrees. From the tone of your email I would leave the boat at home and take the car as this doesn't sound like a trip for you!
  16. Whose sails do you use? Talk to the sailmaker for a tuning guide to suit what you have.
  17. Did you need to modify the anchor locker to make it fit?
  18. I think your doing well to predict a night time rounding for most boats this far out from the event!
  19. Have a chat to Ross Littler "Zambezi"
  20. Most years have a light race as well as a "breeze on" race... I certainly prefer breeze on...
  21. A grand a month.... you're out of touch! $1147 a month these days!
  22. I doubt it's an insurance job as I bet GH sold it for virtually nothing... and what insurance company would insure it for heaps when it was brought recently for nix? I doubt it is insured at all!
  23. There is a severely run down Lotus 10.6 on K pier Westhaven called "Ultimatum"
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