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  1. For a Wright 10 I would expect the trip to be 2.5-3 days non stop. Anchoring every night isn't that feasible as a lot of the trip is very exposed and places to anchor are either well off track or only suitable in limited wind/swell directions. Rounding East Cape is a serious undertaking...Ive done it at least 8 times and only had 2 calm roundings, the others were getting bashed to various degrees. From the tone of your email I would leave the boat at home and take the car as this doesn't sound like a trip for you!
  2. Whose sails do you use? Talk to the sailmaker for a tuning guide to suit what you have.
  3. Well that's cursed it now!
  4. Did you need to modify the anchor locker to make it fit?
  5. I think your doing well to predict a night time rounding for most boats this far out from the event!
  6. Have a chat to Ross Littler "Zambezi"
  7. Most years have a light race as well as a "breeze on" race... I certainly prefer breeze on...
  8. A grand a month.... you're out of touch! $1147 a month these days!
  9. I doubt it's an insurance job as I bet GH sold it for virtually nothing... and what insurance company would insure it for heaps when it was brought recently for nix? I doubt it is insured at all!
  10. There is a severely run down Lotus 10.6 on K pier Westhaven called "Ultimatum"
  11. Where is the blue kite in the video? Pretty sure Sunset Sam is the little boat with the fractional white kite... they look on edge and hauling!
  12. Seems a bit odd not to race a rum race on Matariki day but instead have a "Matariki Race" the night before it's actually Matariki day! A race on the actual day could be a good option as it's a public holiday so a few people may be looking for something to do...
  13. Shimmer... its a big problem of NZ yachting! Everyone enters events at the last minute! It makes it difficult for organisers to plan when they don't know the numbers. Not such an issue for the SSANZ series as we all know it will get good numbers in the end but for other events it is a big problem. I have seen several cases this summer where numerous people have held off on entering waiting to see who else is entering. As everyone waits for everyone else to enter, the organisers see low entries and cancel the event. Then you hear "But I was going to enter that!" Moral of the story is
  14. They have a MTOP... If you look on the transoms on the hull deck join you will see a MSA number on each boat. Photo below is a few years old... but they are still in survey and have MSA no.s today.
  15. Several wrong statements/assumptions here... MRX's are in survey. They are privately owned. Most boats in the fleet have numerous owners who each have a proportional shareholding in the company MRX Yachting Ltd who manage and maintain the fleet. With the latest rises in marina fees etc... a ownership share in a MRX is an increasing cost effective option for someone keen on racing. www.mrxyachting.com Squadron has no part in their management or ownership, but the MRX's do work closely with the RNZYS for a lot of their racing and do charter them to the club at times.
  16. I prefer Lachlan Murdock's new boat
  17. Ellephunk did a similar move... nicely executed
  18. and who pays the Regional Council bills? Yep it's YOU... so just send yourself a bill and cut out all the bureaucracy and ticket clipping on the way through and save yourself a fortune!
  19. You can't have too much HP on your tender..the 15 goes pretty well on the 2.6 RIB.
  20. 26mm wide 665mm long 100mm hole centres
  21. Which track? Traveller Genoa Jib?
  22. Genoa tracks and cars Traveller tracks and cars blocks cleats etc predominantly Harken, well used but still plenty of life left. Have multiple of each item. Come and look and make an offer for what you want. Based at Westhaven ph 021679125
  23. And the flashing disco lights, strobes and laser lights! Im just concerned you won't see boats finishing when the smoke machine is cranked up!
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