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  1. whitepointer


    I have a kiwi prop on a yanmar 30 with sail drive, when it starts to labour the motor going into reverse it is time to grease the prop, the center hub doesn’t like to get dry, usually after about 8months operation it needs a grease, 5 min job during a lift and wash, otherwise no issues, prop is approx 10 years old and still going well
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  2. Less emphasis on lifejackets and more on speed,distance judgement and wake creation .Most fizz boaters and newbie launchies have no idea of what 5 knots or 200 metres are. Agree with the police assessment . A fine is remembered long after the 'warning' has been laughed off.18 knots in restricted and sometime crowded waterway is ridiculous
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  3. Gappy

    Looking for Cherubs

    And said sailmaker is supplying sails to the class at his cost price so he is doing his bit to help grow the class. The sails that are on all the old boats are at least 22 to 25yrs old so upgrading them is needed to keep the boats going. Rigs and foils also need to update as most foils were wooden cored and absolutely rooted as are the old alloy rigs and the carbon ones on offer if you assembled it yourself your up for about 20% the cost of buying off a mast builder so all the right things are been done to keep costs down.Any old usable gear is handed to other guys for no cost to them to get b
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