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  1. Yup they are still on special too don't know why you would waste time on a second hand one at that price and a new 5 yr warranty. I have a suzuki bloody love it.
  2. And said sailmaker is supplying sails to the class at his cost price so he is doing his bit to help grow the class. The sails that are on all the old boats are at least 22 to 25yrs old so upgrading them is needed to keep the boats going. Rigs and foils also need to update as most foils were wooden cored and absolutely rooted as are the old alloy rigs and the carbon ones on offer if you assembled it yourself your up for about 20% the cost of buying off a mast builder so all the right things are been done to keep costs down.Any old usable gear is handed to other guys for no cost to them to get b
  3. You need to use the proper 2:1 shackle for the bottom on the furler to negate Chafee. If you are at the end of a prod a 2:1 is by far the best option to stop trust.
  4. Obviously your one eyed view means you don't rely on these guys been let in for income and been able to pay a mortgage and feed your family. These guys provide income to allot of businesses which also you probably buy gear from as well for your boat but its these bigger boats that keep these businesses afloat so if they go tits up because these big boats cannot come in where will you get your gear from.
  5. We are really going to struggle in the Marine Industry this summer what Super yachts that are here and were supposed to stay here for the cup are now leaving as they can't get the owners in the country to use them so they are getting ready to leave now. This government is so narrow mind and fixated on one goal but not looking at how the country is actually going to make money to get them out of this fiscal hole.
  6. Super yachts haven't been given the go ahead that's also a massive issue they have to apply and insolate once arrived. The amount applying vs getting approved is very little.
  7. It doesn't matter with NX both the old and new masthead units work but either way you need to reprogrammed the wsi box. Like wise if you plugged a wireless wind into NX2 server the server had to be programmed to look for the wsi box.
  8. You can't plug a wired wind into a standard wsi box as its always looking for a wireless masthead unit signal the only way is to get the wsi reprogrammed so the wireless wind is turned off the mast cable is then wired into the network port piggyback colour for colour
  9. All hes taking about is sticking two bars out the back of the boat lashed to the stainless pushpit that the boat is then hung off i.e alloy tubes or large bamboo poles. Then some blocks hung off these to pull the boat in and out of the water A cheap arses version of what Sabre has posted above
  10. Davits are called weaver davits glue the pads on then select your transom attachment style. Southern Pacific have them
  11. Valmax is PVC its made by a German company called Mehler Technologies it used to the industry standard but there is other brands that have really good products also now. There is now a material called TPU which you can weld like PVC but it has properties closer to Hyaplon but at half the cost.
  12. Bally mast cables and masthead units are available ex nz around 650 inc Gst for the set.
  13. And so what is the issue with your gear. There's nothing available except wired wind transducers and speed and depth transducers Garmin have made everything else obsolete so pretty hard to service gear when you cannot get parts.
  14. The masthead unit will have failed most likely. The new network units which you have just sit on the bus sending info direct to all displays. The reason you are getting true wind speed is its calculated off boatspeed so its taking that as a speed seen as the windgear is not inputting Check connections but normally its just a dead unit they are around $500 to replace Cheers
  15. Hey at least you aren't a supplier that's owed money then they ring up and try and order more stock while in liquidation. That's cheeky.
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