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  1. Gary Lambert says he designed them in 1982, and started building the first one ( now Rocky ). the hull moulds were taken off this first hull befre it was turned over I have a copy of the original boat test which was october 1983. original specs 7.9 loa 2.87 boa 1180 displ. Note production boats are 7.915 and hull beam without gunnal flange is 2.765. Average dry weight is 1400kg without crew. original keel was like a young 88 or j24. Mk2 keel was a parallel fin steel fin with fairings and "L" bulb between 380 and 310kg draft drawn for that was 1.85 but most went close to 2.2. We have a n
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  2. Also went to an excel (#3) on our 1020. With 20 odd meters of chain it's rock solid. Can now sleep at night without worrying too much...
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