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  1. Guys, Can anyone help us with costs involved in exporting a NZ Yacht to Australia please? I assume there is duty (anyone know the rate?) and GST (10%), is there anything else? Thanks for any help
  2. I agree that It is difficult to meet everyone's needs , due to varying experience that people have. I found the pool sessions far and away the most useful - getting into a life raft and actually blowing up the life jacket were things that I wouldn't normally do. In fact I ended up giving the First Aid talks So I agree that 90% of the course I wouldn't want to repeat, however I am not sure how you could organise a small refresher that met everyone's needs. Some time ago I began writing a book on First Aid for outdoors : offshore yachties and climbing ( I spent 5 winters as the Dr for ski
  3. Guys, Sadly I have lost my Fleece RNI Jacket. To get another made Events clothing have to do a new run (expensive) Does anyone have a spare ( Large) that they would sell? Cheers Dr Dave
  4. Dr Dave

    rni qualifiers

    Hi Fineline, We had a similar experience in M1 - a blast up north ( went past North Cape) and some "beating" in true sense of the word ... Boat was Wet as also (in and on boat), lots to do prior to start also....
  5. Hi Splat, Perhaps its worth trying Craig Partridge ( 09 407 3012) as we took some winches off M1 when we did the refit. I'm Not sure what size they are though. Craig will know Cheers Dr Dave
  6. Dr Dave


    Hi Pork Chop ,Happy to help, but that is 22kg + wt of cylinder to carry around... is there a legal requirement re califonts now? I wasnt aware of one , but installed mine some years ago I really like them if installed safely as lighter than a cylinder, dont require motor to be run and instant hot water Cheers Dr Dave
  7. Dr Dave


    Hi Pork Chop, I moved mine from a bulkhead in the head to a new position - bulkhead mount by the companion way on my Beale 37 ( ex "Dreams", now "Entropy"). It was better ventilated there, I could see it and note if the flame went out with gas running. Note that this shouldn't happen with an inbuilt gas cut out switch, but after having a few people in my ICU post gas explosions, having it a long way from the cockpit mounted shower always worried me. I also ran 2 separate gas lines from the bottle to the stove and califont. when I bought her, she had a "T" under the sink..... (single li
  8. Dr Dave

    Shaw boats

    Had to leave the country to earn enough money to pay the boat builder.....
  9. Dr Dave

    Shaw boats

    As a long time admirer of Rob's boats, it was a brilliant result to get 1st ,2nd ,and 3rd for Division 1 in the Coastal. Well done Rob. Can any of the trainspotters out there tell us if/when a designer has done this before?
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