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  1. Anyone getting hull clean done today at Westhaven? Looking for a contact for a last minute scrub...
  2. Nate

    hull clean

    Anyone getting hull clean done today at Westhaven? Looking for a contact for a last minute scrub...
  3. Went for the soft top option instead courtesy TC Design; works a treat!
  4. Nate

    More wind damage

    Sunk and turtled. From the brief glimpse I had from the bridge.
  5. Nate

    More wind damage

    It’s not half sunk anymore
  6. I have an existing in hull depth transducer (circa 2008) which terminates in a 2 wire RCA connector. This had been jury rigged to a 6 pin plug into a budget Eagle head unit, and worked fine up to a couple weeks ago. Is it possible to retain the transducer and wire it into a new head unit somehow? Or to a wireless transmitter?
  7. Nate

    ST2000 Remotes

    Has anyone got a viable alternative to the Raymarine remote for an ST2000 tiller pilot? There was an Australian guys selling his own version for a fraction of a price under Madman Marine but I don't seem to be able to get hold of him. Wondering if there are any other alternatives out there...
  8. Nate

    Marine toilets

    Thanks all, couple good leads.
  9. Nate

    Marine toilets

    Of the manual variety. Are they all created equal or is there a stand out? I've managed to avoid buying one up to this point.
  10. Nate

    Matapouri Bay

    Cheers. Due in Tuts Sunday, in Mimiwhangata now (which is stunning by the way). Was just wondering about hanging here or trying somewhere else.
  11. Nate

    Matapouri Bay

    Any good for overnight?
  12. Any tips for BOI with kids?
  13. Nate

    Next project.

    Winter project just finished. A tender of sorts...
  14. Sorry Ken, Clive; Catabatic will not be back in the water by the weekend. Long, depressing, frustrating story I'll bore you with another time.
  15. Nate

    Outboard mechanic

    Thanks guys, I'll give Forrest Hill a go.
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