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  1. Sail Rock

    Is a SSB Radio

    Agree. Setting up comms on a boat is a personal choice. SSB might be last century but is still quite fun to use in a geeky sort of way!
  2. Sail Rock

    Is a SSB Radio

    SSB is a useful backup in case your satphone / IridiumGO packs up. Been known to happen.
  3. Maybe you could do it the Graeme Kendall way - non-stop to SA via top of Australia. That would avoid COVID restrictions on the way. Hard yakka though!
  4. Coralie Bay on east side of Great Mercury Island is one of my favourite anchorages.
  5. Thanks but no thanks. I already have a spare fixed prop for emergencies.
  6. I feel your pain Aardvark. I recently replaced exhaust elbow on my 2GM20. The part cost $546.75 plus GST. Corrosion of these things is insidious and inevitable. I will be checking mine annually from now on.
  7. Yes, it is definitely a Henley. It is the same as mine (fitted on a Chico 30 and driven by a Yanmar 2GM20). I got it refurbished by Henley (in Glenfield) a few years ago - not cheap but much cheaper than buying a new Gori. It works fine, maybe not as efficient as a fixed prop but obviously less drag when sailing. If you do install it, you will need to use a stiff piece of steel flat bar to tighten the locking nut. Make sure this is tightened really well or else the prop might fall off when underway. This actually happened to us when reversing out of a marina berth - lucky place to be as e
  8. Your boat must be registered if you want to sail overseas. See the link to Maritime NZ that I posted previously.
  9. GT Auto Electrix in Glenfield converted my N-type Hitachi alternator to run as a P-type with external charge controller. They were very knowledgeable and helpful.
  10. Maritime NZ https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/commercial/ships/registration/default.asp
  11. My advice: firstly learn to sail as crew with an experienced (and forgiving) skipper. As well as showing you the ropes he/she should be able to demonstrate sound judgement so that you can learn how to respond to the various challenges that the sea throws at you. As a lifestyle, sailing is second to none - actually it becomes an obsession!
  12. Yes, no leaks since I reinstalled the Genoa tracks several years ago. I do this for all deck fittings. Occasionally a fitting has failed to completely seal so just have to remove and repeat.
  13. Same here. Get someone to hold the screw in place with a screwdriver to prevent it turning and breaking its bond with the sealant, while you tighten the nut from below.
  14. I replumbed my head and holding tank a couple of years ago with a combination of marine sanitary hose and domestic PVC waste pipes plus bends, elbows, etc. It works fine and no odours. I needed to use the rigid pipe on some sections due to tight spaces and bends that the sanitary hose couldn’t accommodate. The rigid pipes are well supported so there haven’t been any problems with movement or cracking.
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