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  1. Maritime NZ https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/commercial/ships/registration/default.asp
  2. My advice: firstly learn to sail as crew with an experienced (and forgiving) skipper. As well as showing you the ropes he/she should be able to demonstrate sound judgement so that you can learn how to respond to the various challenges that the sea throws at you. As a lifestyle, sailing is second to none - actually it becomes an obsession!
  3. Yes, no leaks since I reinstalled the Genoa tracks several years ago. I do this for all deck fittings. Occasionally a fitting has failed to completely seal so just have to remove and repeat.
  4. Same here. Get someone to hold the screw in place with a screwdriver to prevent it turning and breaking its bond with the sealant, while you tighten the nut from below.
  5. I replumbed my head and holding tank a couple of years ago with a combination of marine sanitary hose and domestic PVC waste pipes plus bends, elbows, etc. It works fine and no odours. I needed to use the rigid pipe on some sections due to tight spaces and bends that the sanitary hose couldn’t accommodate. The rigid pipes are well supported so there haven’t been any problems with movement or cracking.
  6. I did this trip a couple of years ago. First day going across to Cape Egmont was westerly 30+ knots and 4 out 5 of the crew were spewing our rings out! Next day it backed to SW and progressively moderated until we had to start motoring from roughly Hokianga. Then flat calm round the top and all the way back to Auckland. Lesson is what IT suggests: avoid being in a hurry and wait for the front edge of the high pressure system (but carry plenty fuel).
  7. Great story, thank you for sharing. (I don’t think I would attempt any of the west coast harbour entrances without someone with excellent local knowledge on board!)
  8. IT - I enjoyed reading your account. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Heroic! Deserves my donation to the Trust.
  10. Very brave attempting this during the Spring equinox. Good luck and keep safe!
  11. I’m also with Lantern (NZI) with 40+ year old boat
  12. Agree. If you want to rent (i.e. occupy) a house you invariably have to pay a bond. The same principle applies to occupying a piece of the harbour. I am all for appropriate measures to force abandoned, derelict boats off moorings and marinas so as to release the much needed space for others to use. Question is how much should a bond be?
  13. Can anyone out there recommend a person / company for installing an iCOM SSB HF radio and antenna system in the Auckland area?
  14. I recently replaced my old compressor driven fridge with a 12V one from Fridgetech. It works a treat - nice cold beers! No longer have to spend $300+ every other season to regas. ????
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