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  1. I used to have one of those (Nexus taken over by Garmin). Bloody unreliable so I replaced it with a hard wired Raymarine instrument!
  2. Hi Lebleaux I own a Chico 30. It’s been in my family for nearly 40 years. Berthed Pier M at Westhaven and you’re welcome to come have a look and trade war stories. Another Chico owner is connecting owners with a view to entering a Modern Classic division at the annual Mahurangi Classic Yacht Regatta. Feel free to contact me by PM. Regards SR
  3. See TradeMe listing: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/parts-accessories/radio-electronics/listing/3569843708?bof=MTZpsU11 I bought this a couple of years ago, set it up and it works fine but unfortunately it's not what I actually need for running OpenCPN on my laptop. It might be useful for someone more tech savvie than me!
  4. See TradeMe listing: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/parts-accessories/navigation-devices/listing/3569803716?bof=AbDip25U This might be of interest to someone rebuilding or looking for a source of spare parts for their Raymarine tiller pilot. Description as follows: Two Raymarine tiller pilots suitable to strip for spare parts. ST2000+ is functioning but the ram retention bearing has broken so that the ram has about 5mm "slop"" ST1000+ is not functioning due to saltwater damage to circuit board Hard wire remote control (new used) One gearbox kit co
  5. See TradeMe listing: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/parts-accessories/engine-parts/listing/3569791254 This might be of interest to owners of Yanmar 2GM20, 3GM30, etc. engines looking for an economic source of spare parts. Description as follows: A complete Yanmar 2GM20 marine diesel engine, without gearbox, suitable for spare parts. Unfortunately the engine suffered a hydraulicking failure (exhaust cooling water found its way into No.1 cylinder, damaging head gasket, main block and one piston). However, there are thousands of dollars worth of new, nearly new and rec
  6. Also I note from your bottom picture that he has cut across your bow from port to starboard when you have right of way. Certainly not good seamanship.
  7. Hi Steve Any chance I could take a look at yours for some ideas? I will send you my contact details via PM
  8. I am looking for the upper unit of an Auto-Helm wind vane self steering system (see picture). Would also consider purchasing the whole assembly including auxiliary rudder. Unfortunately Scanmar no longer manufacture these so is there a second hand unit out there somewhere?
  9. My paper charts are stored flat in a plastic wallet with zipper (bought from Boat Books) and kept under one of the berth squabs. Useful for passage planning and a backup in case electrical systems fail. An old handheld Garmin GPS also provides backup (lat / long coordinates only) if I am out of cellphone range.
  10. There are no tidal diamonds on the charts for Bream Head but the ebb between the Head and the Chicks runs roughly northwards and the flood southwards. Any ships moored in Bream Bay will swing to the tidal flow unless a contrary wind is strong enough. The flows are not that strong until you get to Busby Head at the Whangarei Harbour entrance.
  11. I use Parts4Engines in the UK. Fast, reliable service and way cheaper than via NZ agents. The parts are after market rather than OEM but I have had no problems so far.
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