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  1. Watched it and it is enough to make you weep 😢
  2. See my posts in this thread dated 7 and 15 July 2023 for history of the original Chico.
  3. I am building a trim tab self steering system for a Chico 30 based on the Auto-Helm system supplied by Scanmar (who no longer sell the product, except their remaining inventory of spare parts). PM me for details. SR
  4. … and here is the account of the 1971 Whangārei - Noumea race. It appears the skipper and crew of Buccaneer enjoyed a ‘gentlemanly’ race with five star dining and plenty of victuals, particularly when they realised they were being well beaten by Chico and Kishmul!
  5. Interesting, BP. Chubasco is moored on the piles in Westhaven. Still seems to be in reasonable condition.
  6. For the Chico 30 aficionados out there, attached is an article from Sea Spray about the original Chico before she entered the 1971 Whangārei- Noumea race. More about the race in my next post …
  7. Prop walk (it’s normal)
  8. I also use the Sikkens product on coachroof handrails
  9. Yep, and nor would you want to want to build near a sandy beachfront like Mercury Bay or Omaha. Rising sea levels are well documented and will accelerate with melting ice sheets in Greenland, Antarctica, etc. Warming oceans drive more energy into weather systems so more frequent heavy rainfall and wind events. The combination of the two will likely accelerate erosion of the coastline. We can face up to this or stick our heads in the sand (at any beach of your choosing!).
  10. Whichever way the wind is blowing and the tide is flowing, i.e plan your passage considering the various weather models and the tidal streams around Cape Reinga, East Cape and Cook Strait. I’ve done both ways. Keep an open mind. Don’t sail to a deadline and be prepared to stop at Mangonui, New Plymouth, Gisborne or Napier for a few days waiting for a favourable weather window.
  11. Yep, I was talking about “baby stay” apparently a “panting rod” is something else. You learn something new every day!
  12. Well done, Pedro. That piece of coast can be a tough sail at any time of the year.
  13. Yes, the panting rod (or inner forestry) is required to provide fore-aft support in the middle of the mast and prevent it “panting” (flexing) in a seaway. It is a bit of a pain on the Chico because it effectively eliminates any space to store a dinghy on the foredeck. I noticed on another Chico that pairs of lower shrouds were arranged each side, rather than the usual singles, which presumably restrains the mast fore-aft at the spreaders and does away with need for the panting rod.
  14. My added advice to the preceding is check the tidal flows around all the major capes (East, Te Reinga and / or Palliser) and try to time your passage around them with a favourable set accordingly. Avoid a strong wind against spring tide flow or else you will be in a world of pain!
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