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  1. I use Parts4Engines in the UK. Fast, reliable service and way cheaper than via NZ agents. The parts are after market rather than OEM but I have had no problems so far.
  2. SM - I have sent you a PM. Did you receive?
  3. Age? Condition? Reason for selling?
  4. Sail Rock


    Yeah, that’s the one. I finished Hayter’s book. Why he didn’t hang on and go round Farewell Spit instead is beyond me. Starvation, I suppose. It was a good read.
  5. Looks like an old Double Side Band (DSB). The were phased out in late 70s / early 80s. Not sure whether they are still usable?
  6. Too many fishermen, continuing advances in technology and too few fish (which don’t stand a chance).
  7. Sail Rock


    Book has recently been republished and I am halfway through reading it. Haven’t got to the Greymouth bar bit yet but some of the other things he did make my hair stand on end! Bloody slow boat too.
  8. Coastal Classic 2020 - crap race but great sunrise!
  9. Hmmmm an interesting thread with some passionate views. Here’s my two cents worth. First cent. Overfishing in the Hauraki Gulf is symptomatic of the global overfishing problem. Too many people (7.8 billion of us) wanting to eat more fish than is sustainable. Our species is like a plague of locusts consuming everything on the planet. We are aided in this by continuing advances in technology: from bone fishhooks to hardened steel ones, from small wooden waka to ocean going factory trawlers. Second cent. What we have seen in the Hauraki Gulf (and are still seeing) is a “tragedy of the c
  10. Sail Rock

    AIS unit

    I have a Vesper XB-2000 on my boat. It works a treat.
  11. Sail Rock

    Is a SSB Radio

    Agree. Setting up comms on a boat is a personal choice. SSB might be last century but is still quite fun to use in a geeky sort of way!
  12. Sail Rock

    Is a SSB Radio

    SSB is a useful backup in case your satphone / IridiumGO packs up. Been known to happen.
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