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  1. Thanks, I'm looking for a fixed pitch, I should have mentioned that above sorry.
  2. Currently swing 12x7 but open to anything around that size. Cheers
  3. Anchored off Picton this morning, at first I was like wtf then on closer inspection rather jealous. With a 75,000 litre gas tank, even if they gave it to me all I could do is sit an look at it though.
  4. My wife and I are hopefully headed that way on our 31ft ketch, just wondering if anyone else was doing the same?
  5. Ordered a RC8-8 will let you know how it goes.
  6. Thanks fellas, will have a look in the Maxwell direction.
  7. Gday team, I'm looking for a new windlass for my 31ft 5.5 ton ketch. I can't decide on either a CPX1 or a RC8-8. The cpx is almost half the price of the rc8 and I can't figure out whether the cpx will be up to the job or not. I've done a fair bit of research on the manufacturer websites and whatever else I could find already but what little information there is, is contradictary. Not planning on 'winching' the boat toward the anchor. 60m of 8mm short link and a 20kg bruce. Going for vertical because of a bowspirit not allowing a straight pull to the windlass. Cheers f
  8. Gday Team thanks for all your input, it was pretty handy, we had to wait for a few days to get around East Cape and we ran out of time so had to make for Picton instead of Dunedin and ended up unsurprisingly getting a hiding in Cook Strait. Apart from that all went pretty well.
  9. Thanks guys, we are just prepping the boat at the moment and when the weather comes right we will be away, looks like a bit of sw coming through soon, so might have to wait a bit going round the cape, I got in touch with a guy who fished around there for years and he gave me a few anchorages for most weather so we should be ok.
  10. Thanks for all the input guys, all really good stuff. I've been having a good look over all the charts, and it looks like if all is going good then no worries and like PeteG said if its bad I shouldn't be out in it. I have several backup plans for different weather options and 200nM range on the diesel and now I'm just crossing my fingers for some northerly. Crew Ogre, the longest leg will be from Gisborne to Lyttleton.
  11. So say you were out off East Cape and it was blowing 40kts from the wherever the worst direction is, just how much sea room would you want to have?
  12. Thanks a lot Wheels this is just the info I was after.
  13. Thanks guys, Wheels, I just want to get to Dunedin, will do the exploring when I finally get it home to Milford Sound later in the winter when the weather is a bit more tame. Rigger, I'm sure that would have been some trip on the brig. Cool stuff. Thanks for the advice, I was thinking it was best at the very least to give Cook strait a lot of sea room.
  14. So.. If had 3 weeks to sail from Auckland to Dunedin in a 31ft cruising yacht, how would ya go about it? Stay in close and seek shelter when the weather was bad or go out wide and make a straight run for it? Any ideas much appreciated.
  15. Think we might make that to Dunedin now. Got the best part of three weeks so should be able to dodge most nasty weather.
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