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  1. Briski geared folding prop. I has been on a yanmar 3gm30 sd20 but should fit a volvo. 410mm dia $450.00 0212299711
  2. Hi I am keen on doing route 66 single handed, Has anyone got a small liferaft with a current cert I can use for 3-5th March. Preferably in a valance 0212299711
  3. Hi 830 Our mainsheet is in the middle of the cockpit so loads a little higher. We run a 6:1 with a 6:1 fine tune which should give a 36:1 fine tune. However, when the going gets tough we run the mainsheet up to the windward sheet winch. This works well for shorthanded sailing as you can ease the main and still have some control. They certainly can be hard work at times
  4. I spent a bit of time trying to get seatalk into my pc and finally found that my Raymarine E7D could output nmea0183 without any convertors in the system. Just had to go into the menu and turn on the nmea 0183 function. Then I used a $30 serial to usb convertor and bingo i had the info in opencpn I think your A series uses similar soft ware so it probably does the same thing.
  5. Matt I'm collecting info to help with routing in predict wind so will see how it pans out. On your video you show laylines and % polar information, What plug in have you used to display that?
  6. HI Matt That's exactly the process I am currently using, Takes a while to get the boats best performance in different conditions, I have only collected data from 1 race so far. Working my way through open cpn and what it can do, Has anyone compared opencpn with expedition? I suspect Booboo will get you up to speed faster than a set of polars.
  7. Hi IT I'm currently trying to put some E1050 polars together but its all new to me. I would be very interested in any other info that comes out of your request. there is a bit of variation from boat to boat but essentially they fall into either modified or not modified versions. What is your interest in 1050 polars?
  8. I ( Gale Force) Finished a minute or so ahead of Truxton who is shown to finish at 01:53:31. so my guess is around 1:52 am . Don't think this changes the single handed results but sure is confusing.
  9. No Gale Force this weekend I'm going to Gisborne on the Truxton Enjoy
  10. Thanks to all for a great weekend, good food and good company. Especially Andrew and the organisers and Grant and His Daughter on the Watchman. I had a great sail home, boat was trucking along, Crossed tacks with the Watchman at Torbay bouy. I saw the catamaran chasing hard and closing quickly on the reach after Torbay bouy. But then he peeled off towards Tiri. Guess Charlie broke something, Be good to hear what happened. Rolled around A bouy and laid Rangi Light. Then had a drag race to the finish with the Watchman. He seemed to be able to point a little higher and laid the finish, I had
  11. Oracle are you looking for the raymarine tiller pilot ram. I have a spare and could lend a a plastic end till your new one turns up Are you in westhaven?
  12. Hi DYC and all the single handers Had a great time on Gale Force, the choppy conditions probably suited the bigger boats on the wind, but still had plenty of water over the decks. Rob (Coppelia) and I had a good battle all the way round. He had a good start and he led all the way to Bean Rock where he allowed me to get past in a very gentlemanly manner. The breeze dropped at North head and I thought there may have been a come back but we had a close finish, the handicapper giving it to Rob by 1 second, he deserves the win. Both disappointed we hadn't been brave enough to put the bags up. The
  13. We are looking for a keen Bowman for Gale Force, Elliott 1050 for the RNZYS winter series starting Saturday May 10 and every fortnight for 10 races. Email craig@hsmeng.co.nz
  14. Thanks to SSANZ, Jon ,Cam Geoff in Wellington Red in Napier and all the many more in the background that put this together. This is by far the most challenging but rewarding yachting event i have done. If you are considering doing this do everything you can to be at the next start line. Congratulations to Expedition Coppelia, Truxton and Midnight express for being tough competitors. The description of this race by Skins on video is the funniest, accurate concise review of the race . The down wind ride from Egmont to cook straight full moon and good swells was amazing. Best of my 40 years
  15. CraigF

    simrad 2

    Thanks for the photos of GF , yes it is an old chute, Havent flogged it to death yet!! suspect its days are numbered tho I have a couple of photos of ML send me your email address and ill get them to you,
  16. Thanks for the response. Bowman sorted now . Craig
  17. We are looking for a keen Bowman for Gale Force, Elliott 1050 for the winter series starting May 11 and every fortnight for 10 races. Email craig@hsmeng.co.nz
  18. Ex elliott 1050 prod. deck mounted somehow? I didn't take it off so not 100% sure For sale on trade me http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing ... =529303373 or ring me at 021 2299711
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