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  1. The problem that yachting faces these days is bigger than just costs. Cars are cheap, everything is done at a push of a button and young ones have attention span of a gold fish. Hardly conducive to yachting... Parents don't have the time, most subdivided properties don't have the room for a garden (let alone trailer with a boat on it). And let face it... taking little Jimmy to a soccer practice and dumping him there to have a single shot low fat soy non caffeinated latte with a cinnamon sugar topping is easier than "loosing" entire day driving to glorious Maraetai (where they don't serve Choca
  2. Correct KM. Modern epoxies dont need etch (in fact they preffer not to have it as they are designed to stick to bare metal/alloy) Resenes Industrial 440 is magic but does require top coating. If you go with a "standard" 2K finish from automotive sector you will save youself a heap of dramas. Dont go to hard topcoats as they will chip too easily and are not easy to "touch up". This way, if you have any dramas in the future it can be fixed without beeing a major. If you get stuck give me a call on 0274 960 649
  3. Woop woop!!! Working hard at work to make it to this one... Chances are good that Doggo will be there!
  4. Nownow erice.... You keep quiet in the back of the class.... You are the one not wanting to help your mates and going off galavanting on your crotch rocket! We enjoyed regatta, and swimming on sunday! And will be back next year (mostlikelyperhapsdefinitely)!!! However, there is one hard truth. Apart from BBYC most clubs dont run w/l races regulary enough and that makes it hard to get in the swing of things. And with most weekends being preocupied with "family things" its hard to get the crew together and go practise. Hotdogger gets to do two w/l regattas a year, and with a different
  5. This is what happens when crew takes over.... Hotdogger missing Sail number 4812 Ross 930
  6. Hotdogger going up fully (s)crewed and poor Wild is staying tied up for this one... Really looking forward to the weekend! It's aways a great weekend even if you don't make it all the way up and pull in to Kawau and start drinking with the rest of the retirees!!!
  7. Yeah... Andrew is "old school" could find you a fax number somewhere In the meantime you can get hold of him on 022 159 2492 or andrewh@sailiq.co.nz Does all sorts of stuff! Including sails!!!
  8. Noneed to worry about the marina. All sorted thanks to Richmond Yacht Club! Last year there was a few ribs from Marsden Cove that would escort you through the channel as you arrive! Helpfull as there are sand banks all around... Awesome set up!!!!
  9. Very cool weekend for SoloIQ! Huge thanks to Sail IQ and Charlie for organising a Mothership ☺ Race report is simple: Start with a spinnaker wrap, allowing the fleet to get away and find soft patches, and then do about 746 gybes to avoid getting stuck (for hours on end)! Lots of confused looks from the big boat crews as you sail past them... Get to the finish, cross and than realize that there is a whole flotilla behind you ☺ Wicked after match function! Barbecue and drinks till 6:30am short sleep and another barbecue for breakfast! Awesome bunch of guys, camaraderie is remarkable. St
  10. "Friday finish" being loosely said as at 3kts N we will be lucky to finish before Valentines day! Although, powers to be advised that there will be a party regardless of what time we finish... Whats the cut off time for the race?
  11. So.... Im back from the overseas travels! Who is coming out for a night play at Kawau? I hear i missed out on a fantastic weekend down bottom end of Waiheke... And while you are at it, spare a thought for Route1. Last years race was a slog up hill with not enough wind to finish the race for some of us... Im really looking forward to see what this year brings...
  12. Wild won't be there... Owner/skipper (and general fuckwit) enjoying Central America. Although, being away from the boat for this long is creating some anxiety issues...
  13. Well, work has been nuts and I had no time for play! What a race! Light patches with nice blows in between. I made a huge mistake going too far to the Rangi shore and had to battle from there... Luckily for me fleet was becalmed by the Northern Leading and I managed to catch up (and park) with everyone. Run to the finish turned in to another park up and a subsequent beat... After towing Riccardo off of the putty at the entrance to the river and a "quick" motor to BBYC we had yet another spectacular prizegiving! Thanks to BBYC and all the volunteers as well as the sponsors! Magic motor hom
  14. On the other hand 38 boats!!!!! in words of our friend H'n'H: " yippie-kayey motherf@kers!!!!!" See you all at the start!!!!
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