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  1. The paddle on my B&G Hornet log has died and replacements are no longer available (go figure after only 20 years). Without the paddle other functions have stopped working too so Im considering replacement. I quite like to the look of the Raymarine wireless stuff and the new B&G gear. Neither is cheap for the replacements (wind, speed, vmg etc) I need so before I go much further wondering what experiences people have with these and others?
  2. To follow up on my earlier post...we sanded back the Ultra 2 a few months back and painted on another lot. The only thing I’d did different was to use a lower nap roller. The new stuff is like a different product working much better than the last lot. Used less paint, was smoother finished too.
  3. Last December we sanded all the antifoul off our sail boat and applied two coats of Utlra 2 from International. We followed the directions in terms of coats etc. Despite lost of use, love and attention and a full clean down a few months back we are getting a lot of growth, more than Ive seen with other products on other boats we've owned. I generally antifoul every two years. Given performance of the Ultra 2 Im looking at alternatives and would welcome any suggestions.
  4. Our 20 year old Achilles tender packed a sad at Barrier. Anyone recommend a good replacement around 2.7m long? Must row well and ideally have an inflatable floor. Ta.
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