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    This is an incredibly complex topic, particularly for wooden boat owners and there are a lot of misnomers and a range of 'theories' out there. Most of all it not a topic to be approached by google alone. Get some proper advice specific to your vessel. In terms of what is available on line the following IMHO is the best resource for a wooden boat owner to consider before doing anything. its completely different for glass, alloy, steel etc but this is for wood... http://waitematawoodys.com/2015/05/15/electrochemical-damage-to-wood-the-marine-version-of-leaky-homes/ We are 89 years ol
  2. BNG

    Water in bilge

    And fall apart potentially blocking bilge pumps/switches. Is it salt or fresh water? Fresh would indicate a leak into a locker or similar as per the suggestion above.
  3. The concertina type ones are a serious finger chopper if you don't grip them correctly. Many a nasty injury from those in inexperienced hands.
  4. BNG

    Roof shout

    Supposedly the bricklayer would insert a sheet of glass in the chimney half way up and when the roof went on the owner would shout and one of the builders would drop a brick down to break the glass thus rendering the chimney functional. If the owner didnt shout... the glass remained and the owner wonders why the fire will not draw and smokes the house out. Despite being able to see daylight up the chimney. ole builders lore.... get your wallet out KM...
  5. BNG

    My pet hate

    Do the Pirates in the Malacca Straights even go around flying a skull and crossbones these days? Their tactics have changed with the advent of 250hp Yamaha outboards and radar etc. and most real pirates don't run around advertising it... We fly it from time to time when there are small kids on board and they get a kick out of it. For the annual boys Barrier fishing week we don't bother, we all wear camo, shoot clays from the foredeck in the mornings, drink a lot from lunchtime and that generally keeps most people away. Would the addition of a pirate flag be additionally intimidatin
  6. A decent sized dynex strop spliced to the right length to something bolted across the top of the case was what I had on Energy the E7.4. In theory the case and the umpwe guides and shims are a pretty close fit but invariably in certain sea conditions (usually upwind) you can get an annoying and disconcerting slop as the fin moves ever so slightly in a fore and aft swinging motion. I ended up putting some e-glass pads in two places either side of the fin on the outside of the case just above waterline and thru bolting it with 2 x M16 SS bolts. It only took another minute to unlock with
  7. There is a typo in your signature as well,,,,,with not woth....
  8. Surely on a ship that size there is at least one camera on the bow? Most cars now have reversing cameras...
  9. If your existing cars have the sprung down pin arrangement you can lift the pin and tighten a cable-tie around the shaft to stop it popping down. Then go for the double block arrangement on the front as described by IT above. Then if you have an 'issue' you can quickly cut the cable-tie and return to manual mode, no need to remove the pins...
  10. ......and whilst focusing on the horizon keep a small part of the boat in field of view....its the 'disconnect' in what your inner ear is telling you about your motion vs. that you are seeing that makes you crook. By including a bit of the boat in view as well as the horizon to have two points of reference to your motion to combat the confusion going on in your inner ear. If you just use the horizon there is no anticipation of the actual boat motion you are feeling, so sitting on the rail gazing at the horizon may not help. I hope that makes sense...
  11. this one - http://www.seaboats.net/2003-65ft-aluminium-meta--joubert-centerboard-expedition-sailing-yacht-xidp627187.html
  12. Jordan Series Drogue is the answer as BP said.
  13. Yup, not too surprised, Its not really a cruiser and you need to have reaction times and the intuition of a moth sailor to keep it on its feet let alone the 2 guys thrashing the winches for the dedicated expert trimmers - have a look at the video above, they are all working pretty hard to keep it in semi-flat flight. Sustainable for how long? 40 minutes? and hour? if that...
  14. BNG

    Locker Hatches

    Vertical soon becomes horizontal when your gybe goes wrong and your sliding across the cockpit at speed. That's when you'll put your boot through one, murphys law. Look at the number of threads re speaker covers and protection we have had over the years... inshore use only.
  15. BNG

    Locker Hatches

    Some nice Teak ones...
  16. BNG

    Locker Hatches

    The short answer is use proper hatches, that's also the more expensive answer but lets face it even they all leak when you get a real hiding. Also I reckon I could put my boot through one of those. Ok for inshore only.
  17. Word on the street is they flagged the round the marks bit of the departure and are gonna start and get straight outa here, I'm assuming Rangitoto still to starboard.... most of the media have gone and I bet the teams are keen to get cracking. Agree, could have been communicated better in the release.
  18. Keep the old chipped one on board, if its the rubber bushed version they can spin the bush out and will (maybe, if your really lucky) still motor at bugger all revs only. Usually happens when you dont want it to happen, short chop, lee shore, semi darkness, raining, family on board, cruising, etc. So nice to have the old one with a fair dinkum bush on board.
  19. IT it was a retrofitted LED into an older fitting, the distance from the centre pin and the earth outer case was ever so slightly less than the standard bulb and there was a short across the base of the bulb that arced up a storm (24v lighting) Previous owner had a 20A fuse in the system.....now significantly reduced.... Either way its sorted now but the whole motoring without lights thing gave me the willies.
  20. I had to do a quick exit from Oneroa in the middle of the night last week. The LED in the masthead had blown (and caught fire) a few days before and I had been using an LED headlight to cover us at anchor which worked just fine until I could get parts however after upping anchor and throwing her into gear I found that the masthead and nav lights were on the same fuse (inside the dash ) So we motored to the Sth side with an LED worklight on the stern and wheelhouse lights on, radar running and after 1am so no ferries. My point being - I dont know how people can move with no lights, I w
  21. If its not too bad give it a scrub with oxalic acid then rinse with fresh water. If its serious there a two pack teak cleaner out there that is pretty aggressive. If its really bad give it a wet sand (wet and dry 200 odd grit) and oxalic acid then rinse with fresh. Oxalic acid will also remove rust/water staining around the waterline and is a weak acid (like vinegar) so no real drama or risks. Most chandleries have both products.
  22. 4.0 seems to be a little less buggy that the 3.2 version which used to crash on me from time to time on a near new and super grunty machine. So, so far so good!
  23. East Tamaki Galvanisers have the machine that spins it so it doesnt get stuck together, good rates too. I think KM sends their stuff there.
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