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  1. I purchased a registered ship last week and the ownership is only noted on the registration form and signed by the registrar from what I can see there is no legal requirement to do so. Re boats on trailer...its the trailer that requires a change of ownership, not the boat.
  2. You know both well enough to say that?
  3. Looks like Colville is turning it on for the leaders as they approach. Currently gusting 39kts. Yuk.
  4. Sure can, but with the keel canted to one side the loads on rig and tow boats etc aren't as big as it looks.
  5. Auto parts as well... 4 x OEM brake rotors and standard brake pads ex NZ Distributor NZ $4200 PLUS GST 4 x OEM brake rotors and higher spec pads ex the US was NZ $1,100 INCL Duty and GST and freight....5 day delivery. So how many suckers paid the 3.5k extra? Heaps. Moral of the story is shop around.
  6. Forecast is N-NE ish 25 gusting 35 and rough sea, might be a slower leg for the smaller boats. Its the big blows from the SE that turn that coast into the washing machine it can be so maybe not so bad. Good luck fellas!
  7. Quite a bit of sexy One Tone stuff in here, and a damn good read. Thanks to Coxy Creek. http://www.boatdesign.net/forums/attachments/sailboats/30145d1237495790-old-quarter-tonners-magic-bus-new-light-brigade1.pdf
  8. BNG


    Have you been drinking? Its Wild Days Rum's birthday today... think...a rum brands birthday on an island... Wish I was there.
  9. Last Yamaha 8hp long-shaft two stroke with hi-thrust prop I bought was NZ$2850 incl GST. That was 18 months ago so they havent gone up that much. It was to replace the previous one that had lasted 20 years, the first 18 of which it had never been washed. Not sure if you meant 4-stroke or not. Just found a new Merc 8hp long shaft and hi thrust prop for $2450 incl GST. Dont mess around, go for a few extra horses, long shaft and hi thrust prop. One day you wont regret it trying to motor out of a bay when the wind and waves pick up.
  10. Great effort for all that competed,well done. Hi res pics from north head here - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ptxzinmhp6hwgdg/-uwcxWm10k Fill yer boots, right free, apologies to those I missed. Re seasickness - most often caused by disassociation of what you see and what your inner ear figures you feel. Some say look at the horizon but the real trick with that is keep a tiny bit of the yacht in your field of view while you do it, that way you have a reference point for what you are feeling vs what you are seeing. You will get it sorted Ash.
  11. So not just a problem with additional weighting.... the king posts have different dimensions as well....
  12. BNG

    Marina Debate

    Oh dear, a new batch of trolling fukwits hell bent on driving more of the users away. Every society needs some sort of policing, time to step up to the mark Ogre.
  13. I think I will stick with 0.8l/hr at 6.5 kts and an 80l tank... Coupla jerry cans and Fiji here we come...
  14. Who gives a shite about the Spirit of Rule BS in this case anyway? its irrelevant. The weight was placed outside the designated areas prescribed in the rule so the 'spirit or intent' or whatever you want to call it is irrelevant as its a black and white case of they breached the rule. Once you go over the line and are proven to be so its fairly black and white. Thats the problem with cheating, if you stretch a rule you do it right up to the point that you think you can legitimately defend it if challenged and thats a very fine and expensive line to walk. Appreciating the innova
  15. Great work Stephen! Nice shots.
  16. BNG

    Carbon Prod

    This one was 1450mm long and built of similar dimension tube for an E7.4 - http://crew.org.nz/forum/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=14081 Rotating is optional, increases complexity and difficulty in ensuring the bobstay tension is equal in the rotation so under load you really only use 15 degrees either side of centre. That might be the 15 degrees you need tho...
  17. BNG

    Nicky Cruz 7.6

    11am at your place Greg? or Okahu?
  18. BNG

    Westhaven ??

    I'm pretty sure we pay rates for the seabed area we occupy which is included in the fees we pay. This was included around the same time as GST went from 12.5% to 15%. I remember it well as they included the addition of rates and the GST increase on top into the first invoiceable period under 15% GST and the increase from both was quite pronounced.
  19. BNG

    ross 830 sail area

    The main on BNG is 31.6sqm but there is a lot more downstairs with 2.2m draught and 550kg on the bottom. Also the headsails are bigger as the J measurement is extended so its well balanced. Not just the rig to consider but the righting moment as well. We had 24sqm square top on Energy (E7.4) and that was awesome. A friendly sailmaker will probably be able to add to this.
  20. Don't Okahu and Hobbs also get a hammering in a nor easter? Yes but they are hardly premium mooring areas either!
  21. Herne Bay gets a hammering in a nor Easter....which are often the big ugly mofo ones when they happen. Otherwise good.
  22. We I'm not bored anymore - very interesting MarkM, very interesting.
  23. Fill it with Jelly and chuck the Missus and one of her friends in.
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