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  1. Just had it replaced after about 5 years. $1100 including 6 hours labour at 95 plus gst.
  2. 6 is the temp for beer. Many places keep their white wine in beer frigs which kills the taste. The recognised standard for white wine is 14 c. The difficulty can arise in keeping it at that on a warm day. That is where an ice bucket comes in to hold the temperature not chill it. Typically if a bottle has been in a frig for any length of time it needs 20 minutes or so to warm from 6 to 14.
  3. A new 32' would probably be about 500K inclusive of tax and fitted out for blue water. Small wonder that even forty years or so ago that was unaffordable for most. More common was an 18 ' trailer sailer which even so probably cost two years average wages. now you might buy a 32-38 in the given range of 40-70k. Nearly all boats require ongoing maintenance and periodic replacement of expensive items, sails rigging, motor, electronics etc. A pristine boat will be rare and at a premium. Typically some sweat equity will be required. The purchase price is one thing, but a substantial allowance for
  4. This reminds me of 5 kids and a boat on another site - got a lot of people going.
  5. There are various reasons why boats don't sell. Some being the running costs, the lack of time to use them and lack of money, and declining interest in sailing. Some buy simply on price or looks. they may not be too knowledgeable. Also different boats suit different people. In my limited experience not just with boats some prospective buyers don't have the money they can't afford it. Some will only buy if it is a steal. A few perhaps the more knowledgeable know enough to pay a fair but not excessive price. A satisfactory outcome is one both are happy with or at least can live with. In the ca
  6. I suspect the prosecution or reclaiming of money received from an estate referred to earlier relates to benefit other than NZS. On an invalids benefit or DPB etc one has to declare any other income which is then pro rata taken off the benefit. The catch is income is defined by statute as any money or other benefit received. This was meant to cover such things as subsidised housing. It also was meant to limit the benefit income to cases where there was little or no other income, that is not just salary or wages but say investment income. An anomaly arises in say making a bank withdrawal one
  7. unpc

    Contessa 32

    About 1982. Has been blue water. Very well equipped with some good gear incl monitor w/v.ssb spare gps and vhf etc Over recent years this includes capstan, anchor and chain, upholstery, thru hulls prop, shaft and bearings, tiller pilot, new gennaker on roller, ff chartplotter. Holding tank extra water freezer etc, new st winches. Health and age mean it isn't going to be used and needs some more youthful energy and enthusiasm to do the spit and polish. Reduced to $59500 for winter. Pine harbour berth may also be available (not included) Ph 2782348 days.
  8. I am not sure that there are many boats that are a bargain at least some time after purchase. .Sure sometimes a keen seller will take a loss. However the idea that you can knock a third off and then get all the bits fixed is not rational for two reasons. Firstly if it were perfect it would be priced accordingly. Secondly most boats require work or maintenance at any one time. Sometimes this is elbow grease and sometimes things which are not economic but not essential.. It may appear that one boat is cheaper than another. However what happens when you factor in the need for replacement sails
  9. unpc


    High pressure may be due to various causes. operating temperature not reached. wrong viscosity of oil,.blockage in oil filter or galleys The starting pointe might be to change the oil and filter always a good idea on a new boat. The curious part is the comment that the pressure fell to zero when the alarm went off. That suggests either major oil loss, major blockage, pump failure or sensor failure. While you mention haemorrhage there is no indication you mean that literally as it would be evident. After changing the oil and filter what is happening then will become clearer and eliminate m
  10. I also have a working one. The flux compass is still on the boat. It was the board in the panel that went on mine.
  11. Thanks for the helpful suggestions. I am not asking for anyone to pick a boat fun though that might be. That will depend on cash, my circumstances and preferences. I would probably go towards the 70s and so an older boat. 28 ish though maybe a bit smaller if dry stacked. Boating costs but realistically it will only be for say 5-6 years. The comfort factor – I mean aesthetically pleasing not spartan nor luxury or does it have to sleep 8 but it would be good to take the gc out though that might be mainly rare day trips every 2 years as they are overseas. I understand a diesel is best wo
  12. I am getting to a stage in age and fitness where singlehanding a yacht is becoming a bit of a chore. So I am thinking say a 9 m launch. Some short trips for a fish, but also Great Mercury and say up to Whangaroa in modest comfort. I would prefer 10-12 knots rather than the 6-7 of a displacement hull and certainly don't need 20+. As I understand it a true semi-displacement hull is designed so it produces some hydrodynamic lift, getting you out of the hole without full on planing. This saves somewhat on fuel but more importantly I understand handling is improved particularly in rougher
  13. A pool cleaner made in US NZ equiv price 570 incl gst.Australian price a bit less. NZ price 1250. Hose for same 29/m equivalent elsewhere 19. Plastic pipe 17 m, cost 30 for 6m. Technician 75/hr plus gst. Tiler 90 +gst /m2. There seems to be a sense of entitlement to quite a decent income based on limited skills. A small and fairly uncompetitive market perhaps but it certainly pays to shop around.
  14. I wonder if RTV silicone is actually a lubricant rather than a sealant even if dissolved. There are various forms of silicones. As I understand it silicon as a lubricant comes in long chains of silicon alternating with oxygen so it is actually a silicon compound not strictly silicon although it is commonly referred to as such. I had the same idea working on a 3 part system. I am not sure the etching primer is required although it would probably be better. Most seem to work with a layer of epoxy followed by a layer of epoxy lubricant mix applied before the first completely hardens. I was goi
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