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  1. I dont have any toips for you. My tips would likely just be poor advice Congrats on even planning such a big journey. I hope you give us updates as to how you go and wish you all the best. My planned journey is from Gulf harbour to Kawau with a (sailing) sensitive wife and 7 year old daughter. Friday looks ideal at 13 knts SW, the return Monday /Tuesday at 20 knts NE predicted, not so much. I think we'll be fine if it doesn't go any higher than that.... fingers crossed.
  2. Where were you headed and from where? Just trying to figure out what the E prevents you from doing and if it shoudl prevent me from doing it! (who knows far less of directions, sailing directions etc.)
  3. I think I have wrapped my head around the backstay. Roughly speaking tighten for upwind, loosen for downwind. But what purpose do the side (aft each corner) backstays do? Presumably they act more for the headsail shape than the mainsail? - Overall Im trying to learn how to sail our boat more effectively. She always seems so overpowered, not so much through the tiller but in lean angle. Im told to sail Ross 830's as flat as possible. The sail shape is (to me) always quite full, I suspect this might be down to age. Normally I would increase the outhaul tension but this s
  4. The boat? Sailing around the gulf. 1 day or 2-4 day trips at the most. So far anyway. The Radio? Weather, reporting trips.... Mayday if required Having a 7 year old daughter on board, im a bit more conscious of these things nowadays. Though I was pretty on to it in previous boats. Being trailer sailers back then, I was pretty cautious then as well.
  5. For some reason, maybe turning the main battery switch off (? ..or maybe im just presssing the buttons by accident...)) the radio defaults to not INTL. Switching it to INTL leaves it there until...I don't know what or why yet. Still working through that. Yeah, the new one woudl fit better as well....Still a work in progress. Appreciate the advice
  6. Rgvkiwi

    What is this?

    Yeah that Aluminium is a big heavy peice to be clunking around. Presumably a sail maker could remove that and make it a standard style?
  7. SO.......murphies law. Apparently you have to hold down the INTL button rather than just press it. Now our old Apelco radio works fine, with the old aerial!!! Agggghhhhh. Hoep Burnsco will accept the return. But it turns out our approx 2 yr old Deep Cycle Battery might be dying! Boats! Hopefully a nice slow charge over the next few days is the solution.
  8. Yes, that was a consideration. I did wonder about the range with such a short, close to sea level antenna though.
  9. FYI- I have just bought the GME GX700 from Burnsco as the new antenna didn't work. I have tried pressing the INTERNATIONAL button and unless im doing it wrong still not working. Though I suspect it is related. I figure its just not worth the hassle (im running out of time...weather depending) so gave in today and got the radio Appreciate all the advice and suggestions.
  10. Appreciate the advide thank you, presumably ch 16 isn't ideal for this kind of chat. From Gulf Harbour and north to Kawau region, what is the best channel to use?
  11. Yeah, I tried that last night with nothing. Might have to commit to new radio. Thank you.
  12. Rgvkiwi

    What is this?

    Found the quote Mint thank you. Aha, Okay, so do you think we can we still use this sail or is it a bit hopeless without the track geometry? Are you guys sailing your lovely boat this Christmas?
  13. Rgvkiwi

    What is this?

    I can;t seem to be able to quote (or edit for thatmatter) Y88 5241 Fantastic thank you!! We were told the boat had a bow sprit but I thought we got ripped off Now to figure out how to use. Much appreciated.
  14. Rgvkiwi

    What is this?

    Going through the boat properly for the first time, pre our summer sailing and wondred if you guys cab help me identify these? Some sort of spinnaker or genoa pole? and this sail, i've never seen a corner of a sail look like this and have no idea how you woudl attachit either to the booat or the lines...
  15. Last season our radio seemed to stop recieving. It powers on and the squelch works I just dont seem to be receiving anything. Can someone tell me what chanel the weather is on? I figure there is at least a weather channel I should be able to hear from Gulf Harbour, can someone confirm that and the channel? Just replaced aerial and cable with no effect, I want to make sure its not operator error before I buy a new radio as well.
  16. Oh, as above and dropping the sails and using the motor at the slightest moment.
  17. I went from crewing on a race yacht about 4 times (Ross 930) to owning a trailer yacht (23' Moonraker)... I think the best way is re do a coastguard course (though i haven't) and just buy something. Start at the smaller end (your probationary period), something not too powerfull and let experience be your guide. Read up, keep crewing for a bit, its amazing what you pick up once YOUR the skipper for yourself but crew for someone else... Experience is the best way in my opinion....nothing beats it.
  18. Thank you, Could you explain...do you man tip the boat over using a halyard?
  19. could you explain...do you man tip the boat over using a halyard?
  20. Hi Team We've just bought a new Garmin EchoMap 75 and I would also like to get the matching windvane. Before I buy that and have no way of installing it, can anyone suggest a person/engineer/handyman that could install it? Would involve climbing mast of our Ross 830, im happy to assist, even to go up (my weight notwithstanding ) with suitable advice etc.... Boat is at Gulf Harbour.
  21. Rgvkiwi


    That sounds like the Navstation where I just bought a new Garmin Echomap for our boat. Very helpful and a good price.
  22. Okay thought it best to update this post. The boat came out of the water and and I was on hand to watch and learn the process, never having done that before and to see if I could help with the now dreaded, potential nightmare rudder removal. So the rudder came out with some persuasion but all in all, relatively easily. The diagnosis was pretty instant. Dan from Weber Marine suggested that the grease the last "repair person" had used to resolve the problem had just made it worse. Swelling the plastic bearings. So I spent 3 hours of hard yakka sanding out the scores on the
  23. Thanks guys. Being capable mechanically and wanting to get stuck in myself, I feel sure I could do this (especially) if someone experiance like Matt was mentioned for the odd gotcha with advice BUT time constraints with work, keeping it on the hard and paying for that etc. It feels like we're caught between a rock and a hard place. So I think we'll just go for it commercially. Damn Boats !!!
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