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  1. Fantastic, thank you for the suggestion! I'll look in to it.
  2. I agree with others that your boat is setup for the winch top to be the cleat. Its actually the same as ours. We have a cleat and various other angle changes in the same area for spinnaker sheets and other things. I was confused on how to cleat off the headsail sheet with all that was there until I realised to use the winch itself. Could the cleat be for a spinnaker sheet or something else like on ours? Or maybe a cleat for when the winch isnt necessary, light wind, small sail etc. I do often do just that as well. Though I'm still learning our boat.
  3. I did a few Rum races on her approx 24 years ago. I met the then owner (part owner possibly) after buying a 23" Moonraker Trailer Sailor on the hard at Westhaven off him. I wish I could remember his name, he had a book binding business in Morningside and was a nice guy. The old guy in the photos on trade me is (I think) his old mate who used to sail with him They used to have little barneys at each other (like a married couple) while racing and eventually I stopped going becasue of the "banter".... Which I later regretted when I lost touch. Anyway, this is why we ended up with
  4. I have been looking in to the Raymarine Lighthouse 3 GOS plotters and if you have your boats polar map (wind speed, direction to boat speed etc) it will do best corse, best lay lines etc. I presume getting this information on a locally designed boat made over 40 years ago is highly unlikely but it did get me to thinking, What about the sails sizes it was designed for? I get that most sailing is done by seat of pants and insinct at the club/cruisor level but I wonder if there isn't any, more techincal recorded information on these or the 930? For example, How big is the original
  5. I found this awesome video of the Axiom and the sail features mentiend above. Skip past the polar section and watch from there. prox 21 minutes in.
  6. Hi crew Spending a nice time on the boat and making a list of things to resolve. The St40-wind display our boat came with has a badly cracked screen. I'm presuming repair is either going to be not economically viable or not possible. Does anyone have an okay condition one for sale? Also looking for a compass or pair to fill these pair of vacated holes.
  7. Thank you for all the good advice. We went out this morning and encountered some decent, uncomfortable wind and cross swell. Motoring with the storm gib up. We hit out from GH in waiheke's direction to ride the swell better. Turning across to Kawau when we could make the gap. Sarah had a few moments but I told her we would turn around if it got any worse and we would just see how it was around the corner. Fortunately by the time we turned across the top of Whangaparoa and headed North we were riding/surfing the swells and running with the wind, on a slight angle okay. So thanks to
  8. While a bigger more comfortable yacht is on the cards when we can afford to trade up, not so much. I think a y88 might be next. For the moment we're happy with this boat. It's more the wind gusts that I'm concerned with. As mentioned above, just being cautious, especially as I dont know the boat very well at all yet. Wife hasn't been sailing in 15 years and then only briefly, so she got a shock when we hit cross tide, wind swell through the gap. I'm also being ultra cautious because I'm short handed (with a 6 year old onboard) and dont want to reinforce her bad experience.
  9. Ross 830. The boats capable though the rudder is stiff with play and needs attention so im not so keen on being out where I have to do a lot of steering up and down faces of swell etc. Also had the missus in tears a few weeks ago crossing from Tiri to Whangaparoa with approx 2 m swell coming broadside to us. 6 year old and I were enjoying it, her, not so much. Was a bit "exciting" to be fair. So in the interests of keeping her onside we will wait out this current wind I think. Just trying to balance all factors Thanks for the input all. Perhaps while
  10. Thank you, thats kind of where im leaning. Picture below shows what I mean about the "dangerous" warning. They say 1-3 dangerous, 4-5 moderate etc... 2 seems squarly in the dangerous zone. Maybe they are factoring the strong winds currently.
  11. Hi Crew Windy says swell over next 2-3 days as 0.7m. Met service says 0m swell but condition 3-5 which registers as bad. Can anyone offer general and more specific guidance please? We want to short hand (me) with wife (who is capable to steer in flat to moderate conditions) and 6 year old daughter for a few days, maybe up to Kawau from Gulf harbour.
  12. I cant edit this post for some reason. Its meant to say "as well as Salt Away?"
  13. Does Salt Slayer(Burnsco) or Salt Terminator (CRC) work as well as Salt Slayer?
  14. Yikes 60kg's! Right so bouyant still doens't mean light then
  15. Bugger I menat to do that but forgot. Thats for sticking with me! ) I read somewhere that rudders usually have positive bouyouncy. Is this true? IM thinking if true its not likely to be TOO heavy. And taking that a step further, maybe it wouldn't just fall out if I undo that big bolt head while in mooring?
  16. Images of stiff and creaking tiller/rudder cassembly as requested. Thoughts on how it might be put together? Especially on how the rudder is "keyed" to the tiller....wondering about the slop in the tiller also.
  17. Are you allowed to sail and anchor in to Goat island.? I vaguely recall seeing the odd boat there on previous visits.
  18. That would be great if so. On top of the base of the tiller is a big stanless bolt head. Any ideas what or how the shaft works below that on these boats? Is that bolt screwed in to a threaded portion of the rudder shaft? How is the tille keyed in to the shaft? Do they use actual bearings or do they use some sort of bush (metal, plastic)? Are they all likely to be built all the same or are they likelly to be different from different constructors, home builders? Were Ross boats a production type boat or a home built/finshed kind of deal? (and thus could be any th
  19. Maybe. Dont have enough knowledge or experience. Good suggestion though. While it might be more expensive long term, at least it woudl likely last through Christmas! (no jinxes).
  20. Haha, yes and hence the fear of hoisting a 102kg person up there!!!
  21. As per title, I am mechaniclly able and am keen to know how the rudder is setup on a Ross830 with a view to a stop gap repair if not a full repair before our planned Christmas week cruise.. Our tiller is quite stiff, it creaks on first movement, slops and then settles in to place until the next change of direction. Presuming this is a rudder issue. Its obviousley not right. So a few questions for the hive mind The key question is can or will it fall off, or fail its key locating (however it is "splined" to the rudder)...? if we use it during Christmas. Knowing how they
  22. Absolutely loving "Revolution Blues" after a about 5 sails and two family trips to TiriTiri swimming and so on. We are now thinking about improving our instruments and being IT orientated interested in what sailing functions like lay lines, time to waypoint and other functions might make us more efficeint at working out how best to sail her. We have a the vague notion that some evening racing might be on our cards but to be determined. So my question is, apart from the core chart plotting functions, are the "sailing" functions any good, do they work, are they more sales points than p
  23. I would caution against simply shutting the Pi off via a power switch. They can and do scramble themselves if not shut down properly. It is my understanding that there are 2 pins on the GPIO that can be switched to create a proper shutdown command that will prevent a damaged Boot Operating system. If you google that, its something like that.
  24. Rgvkiwi

    Lotus 9.2

    This is a cool idea. Do you know how they are constructed as an add on? Presuming the boat wasn't built with them, that is.
  25. Crc headlight polish is the best headlight polishing creme I've found. One would think it would work in this situation too. Interested to see how you get on.
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