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  1. You could at least post a link 🙃
  2. There are A LOT of very appropriate boats around. I'd probably suggest working backwards and finding out what is raced near you then making a considered analysis of the various boats. I would imagine the main compromise will be made around your enthusiasm for racing. If racing is your goal then the biggest most active fleet will guide your decision, this may have benefits further down the line with regards to resale and availability of second hand gear. Sunbursts are great boats and I love them but they are a little dated in design. I believe some later glass moulds have self
  3. In Kaiwaka of course. On SH1 opposite the Four Square.
  4. Thanks, I'll make a follow-up. I ended up making the drive to Kaiwaka and went to their factory outlet store, I'd highly recommend if anyone is passing through. There are some really amazing deals, the only issue is they only sell factory seconds and it's pretty limited in range and size. They will usually be able to grab you firsts at full price from the factory though. I was really only going there to try stuff on and get a feel for it but ended up coming away with a good set of stuff. In the end what I think would've been ideal for me (fishing and coastal sailing) was the
  5. Resurrecting this as I've been looking to get some foul weather gear and liking the look of the Kaiwaka stuff. Just wondering what people have and how they find it for sailing. Are you talking about the Stormforce line or more of the PVC type gear like the Aquaseal?
  6. I have been wanting to ask anyway and it seems like a pretty good time to do it. Does anyone know where I could get hold of a copy of "it's in the blood"?
  7. Hello everyone, another newbie here hoping to get "cheap" 30-foot coastal cruiser topic firing up again. I know it's been done to death but who doesn't love pretending to boat shop. I'm personally probably 6-18 months away from being in a position to pull the trigger but would love to pick everyone's brains about boats. Looking for something 26-32ft following the above advice about something that has had some time and money already invested. Have reasonable experience sailing dingys but never sailed a keel boat, planning to get a bit of experience over the next year or so. Loving the loo
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