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  1. Pretty looking boat.
  2. No the Unitec went to Wellington.
  3. A while ago now I recall an Elliott design called Buoy Racer. Where is it now?
  4. Sorry about the strike-through but couldn't get it to turn off. I was particularly referring to top down furlers. I have never had a problem with the code 0 -so it's not the furlers fault. I sail a lot on my own and have never had a forestay furler. I agree that hanks are safe and easy. We also have a reefing blade and a reefing jib which gives heaps of easy change options.
  5. I've tried the top down furling system when sailing alone but never felt really confident with it. I think the gennaker would have to be cut very flat. When they work the are great but when it goes wrong at night its hard to untangle. Also when the gennaker is furled and the bagged the torque line tends to wind up in tight loops which adds complications when re-hoisting. I note that most of single handed fleet has now gone back to standard bag launching or socks.
  6. Dodge Taxi


    Another plus for Durapox is that the pack is a full 5 liters and hardener is available separately. I use it for almost everything. Sprays and rolls well.
  7. Yep have kept a watchful eye on my boats there for many years.
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