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  1. I was told to expect nothing but Gybes on the 250 - have I been duped?
  2. Got to say Bruce and the boys at Brin Wilson are a cut above. Happy to have had them hold my hand throughout this one
  3. Thanks guys Entered SSANZ Anzac Longhaul with the other 930 tragics y
  4. Decided I didn’t like the location of a certain rock to the south of Rangi Light during a single handed race a while back, so shifted it a bit. Seeing as how Murray Ross was renowned for designing overbuilt heavy shitters I continued to sail it for a month with the kids on board before finally deciding to pull her out and have a look. What followed was three weeks on the hard whilst the good folk at Brin Wilson’s removed and reattached the dangly bit and I took the opportunity to scrape 20 years worth of Antifoul back to the Gelcoat and start the underbelly process properly. Even with all th
  5. Aaarrrrgggghhh Marshys one went west and my mate forked out telephone numbers for a new one
  6. Looks like Genny gone, will take $1500 for main
  7. A mate of mine has inherited a basket case catamaran and is missing a tracked type gooseneck fitting. Something like the pic - does anyone have one laying around they'd part with? Cheers in advance!
  8. Big Roach/Squaretop Carbon Main maybe 1 year old. Built by Calibre Sails Whangarei for previous owner but too much sail area for the standard keel. Absolute weapon under 10kts but I have to reef at 15 so no good for my short handed racing aspirations. Mint condition. Comes with sausage bag and Battens. P - 11.0m E - 4.27m MUW - 2.8m MTW - 3.57m MHW - 3.88m Also a near new UK sails Gennaker, Black, used maybe half a dozen times still crisp as. Comes with turtle launching bag, sail is as new. Luff - 14.0m Leech - 12.2m Half width - 6.64m Foot - 6.65m $4k for both sails,
  9. Its certainly a little bit of an involved job but nothing that someone with a smidge of practical abilities can't do. I purchased a Melges 24 Tapered carbon prod and outer tube from Jason at Kilwell in Rotorua, and 'Frenched' the outer into the hull as shown in the pictures. To get the elliptical shape correct I cut an angle on some drain pipe of the same diameter and filed it unit it laid in the right orientation, then traced around it. I laminated a few sheets of thick ply together to beef up the rear bulkhead on the anchor locker to carry the loads, and arranged carbon u
  10. Some pics of my old 830. Best open transom conversion I've seen on one, designed by R Edlin and work done by Chris Sayer. Rasied cockpit floor and completely enclosed outboard well, makes my 930 cockpit feel positively claustraphobic! Its currently on the hard being stored by new owner.
  11. Flexibles seem to be ok if you flex them ONCE... Slightly... and glue them down. Mine were fully mobile and just bungeed/laid wherever they'd fit on a day by day basis while cruising. they'd get wind under them and flap etc, eventually the joiners between cells would fail and that would be it. The problem is a solid 100w panel on an 8.3 meter sports yacht is a big, ungainly piece of meccano indeed and I'm not fitting a bimini
  12. Is it a flexible panel? Had three fail in 2 years, gone to glass/alloy.
  13. Mean Streaks Mean Drift up the Coast: Hard out 8 weeks of prep almost completed in time to head down to Westhaven Thursday afternoon for briefing. Bugger - blowing from exactly where we want to go, so long motor and missed briefing. (I say almost ready as when off watch during the race approaching Sail Rock I took the opportunity to wire up the new gas bottle cut off solenoid in order to boil some water for the chicken cup-a-soup ) Met with my mates Joel and Reece and new rent-a-crew Irene at the Squaddys cooked breakfast, us Sussing her out to make sure she knew what she was getting he
  14. I both resent, and resemble the direction this conversation is taking
  15. Had a couple of messages/texts already, must have been too cheap but looks like it’s sold payment pending - cheers
  16. As title states, tiller pilot came as spare with the boat and I can’t see me needing it. Hooked up to a power supply and sailed around the kitchen, seems to do all the normal autopilot things. Amp draw less than 1.0 on push and pull, compass seems to know what’s going on. Case it good nick no cracks etc. Comes with lead, both parts of the plug but no manual. As is where is $100 Freight extra. 0220449171
  17. Yeah I too am going hard out trying to make the start line. Better book a side of Tazzy D to raft up to in Russell eh
  18. Hi Kelvin I have just taken Mean Streak off a 10.5m berth at Gulf Harbour that should still be available, I was paying $100 a week. Not quite Westhaven but a lot closer to the Coastal start than Whangarei Cruising Club! If you are keen flick me a text and I will give you the owners contact details. Cheers Nigel
  19. Finish of the SSANZ 50. We've had one Glamour race and 3 Shockers, they sure are a tweaky thing.
  20. Cheers Brendan I’ll contact you soon
  21. Anyone have or know of a soft pack liferaft I could hire/borrow for the coastal this year?
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