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  1. We went to the Barrier at New Years with 4 instrument covers and 2 kids lifejackets. Blew and dragged all over the place, couple of panic re-anchors then came back with three covers and 1 lifejacket 3100 series basic square white cover needed cheers 021 766 546
  2. Throwing the halyard into the drink not only slows the drop to a manageable speed, but it also seems to eliminate knots and tangles too which is nice! Nothing like having a rock star drop turn to a clusterfart when the halyard decides knot to let the kite down past 2 thirds ha ha
  3. Did this a few years ago on Animal Farm. Great weekend! Hopefully I can get Shapeshifter raceable by the 11th
  4. Drove through 1 hour ago looks like it had just happened. Unable to get pics but looked like a decent size sloop, painted beige alloy mast, looked like a nice boat. Breaks your heart
  5. I've come smoking in there before, at night in an easterly blow surfing through the markers only to find a tinny with about 3 inches of freeboard anchored smack in the middle of the channel fishing. Cocks!
  6. As far as topsides paint goes - you can't go past Autothane C.V for price and toughness. It's a 2 pot Epoxy designed for commercial vehicles, available in any colour under the sun. I used it for the cabin, decks and hull on the Shapeshifter, it was my first time spraying anything like a boat and it came out mint. Cured fast and is hard as nails. Any automotive paint store will be able to get it for you.
  7. Light boat (cedar core 830) and no anchor fairlead as yet. Small self tacker lashed down on the foredeck and that's it. Had a spare chain balled up and sent down the line to reduce the turning circle but it's more the 'Accelerate in a straight line like a Top Fuel Dragster' that it seems to prefer. Helm straight it was worse but lashed to one side didn't make a lot of difference. I like the idea of a little drogue or brake on the warp. might have to try that one thanks K.M
  8. Our boat sails all over the place when on the pick. It's annoying when you are trying to sleep and have to listen to water rushing past the bow, but quite funny to watch from a nearby boat. You can count the gust's in, then watch it lean over and steam past the anchor like it's carrying full sail... I wonder if a small drogue off the stern would help?
  9. I need all the bits to make a Melges 24 Prod useable - bearings, end plugs, stop ring, seal mount and seals. Is there anywhere in NZ that carries this stuff? Cheers
  10. Looks awesome, unfortunately for me I'm pre-booked for something else Sunday. On the bright side I may finally be able to get the prod fitted Saturday so all is not lost. Have fun boys and girls!
  11. Looking sharp K.M Must come have a looksie
  12. Oh so it's a race you want is it? I reckon clear coat it how it is. The Patina effect is well sought after in Hotrod circles
  13. A tumultuous weekend at 830 HQ, whilst trying to get the spreaders fitted to the correct angle we discovered that some silly sausage had put the mast step on 140mm too far forward 20 years ago, and with the benefit of blissful ignorance this muppet had gone ahead and painted the boat. If we had of used it we would have ended up with a spreader angle of 34 degrees! Once the inevitable was accepted it was out with the sabre saw and off with it's head. Some unwilling grinding and sanding later..... a new hardwood pad was fashioned and temporarily screwed in place so we could test step the mast.
  14. We were generously gifted some used tracks but after fitting them have found the cars I have are not man enough for them. They were off a Mk1 Y88 so I imagine they may be a bit obsolete! Anyone have a pair gathering dust? Or - point me in the right direction for new! Cheers
  15. Sweet mate I'll be keen to have a look. I'll measure the height of my transom in the morning. Only one week now til scheduled splash day!
  16. After a ladder for the 830, on the SR I had one that had hoops that curved through 180 degrees and clipped into a couple of low profile fasteners on the cockpit sole - may have been a Dixon brand one? Anyhow - thought I'd have a sniff around here before committing more wedge at the chandlers
  17. Technically 2 weekends and 10 weeknights work but finally the 830 is beginning to look a bit grown up. Full bottom sand, interprotect and 1st coat of antifoul on the weekend. Non skid applied to decks, just cockpit and cabin top to do now. Mast base fitted. Stanchions bonded and bolted, modified Pulpit and Pushpits fitted. Deck layout finalized and Jammers bonded in place. Winches on, instruments fitted, cockpit floor aft lockers and quarter berth portlights installed. Keel lifting blocks bonded and pinned, limiting plate studs bonded in. Inspection port cut in side of keel trunk (well abov
  18. TBH I never had an anchor light or steaming light on Gaucho, guess I was just more irresponsible then... Are you saying that whilst sailing I can have a port/starboard on the pointy end and a 360 degree white light (anchor light on the top of the rig and no stern light? Maybe I should have a look for the colregs... My issue with going for pulpit or topsides mounted ones is pretty much to do the aesthetics of white or black light housings on a slime green hull or the fact lines seem to get tangled around pulpit mounted ones and rip them apart..
  19. It all looks very nice but it's a bit overkill and above my pocket this late in the rebuild unfortunately! May have to make one out of a bi-colour and a stern light, or heaven forbid drill MORE holes in the boat and fit some regular ones...
  20. Decided the simplest, lightest and most effective nav light setup for the 830 would be a single masthead tricolour like I used to have on the SR. Problem is, they appear to be a bit thin on the ground at the usual chandlers, unless you want to pay $250+ and end up with something of a size that would negate the righting abilities of the keel bulb! Is there nobody that does the small ones of these anymore? doesn't even have to be LED, would settle for an old school bulbed item! What am I missing?
  21. Could be a go Jon, may be able to rattle up another if you are short
  22. Just back from a month in Thailand with the family... 4 whole weeks behind in Ross boat reconstruction but am hoping to get her in before this race.
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