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  1. I'd check, some recycling bins specifically say no waste fuel. We used to burn old bunker oil from ships in an oil burning rail locomotive, it was good stuff, thick as tar but with a ton of energy. Most of the oil burning engines running on the main line (ours was pretty much the only non-mainline preservation oil burner) burn diesel, which doesn't quite seem right.
  2. So is the long term vision to just have the Viaduct Marina remain for a few glamour boats and to keep a "City of Sails" facade? I find it staggering that a yacht club would support closing the stand when options are diminishing across the city. Out of interest I had a look at the Viaduct marina website and noticed there were no fees displayed. Guess it's a "if you have to ask you can't afford it" scenario? *edit* cancel that, found them. The "can't afford it" part was correct.
  3. VCR? Ah that's your problem then, Beta or VHS? Hilarious. Seriously though, that's basically my setup, and I've had the same issue in the past with sluggish start when out sailing for a few hours. I've assumed it was a dodgy earth return from the engine, and that when I was sitting at 13+ volts fresh off the charger/alternator it was OK, but as the start battery settled at 12.8v or whatever it became more of a problem. That's a only guess though, and I haven't been out since replacing my connections and cables. Would love to hear from more knowledgeable people.
  4. I've suspected a over representation of kayaks and SUPs in some NZ research, although survey companies always try and weight things to avoid that. Technically if you pay $10 at a camp ground to use their sit-on-top it's a commercial operation and shouldn't be included above, but even though researchers attempt to make that clear to survey participants I don't think it always clicks. The important distinction between my personal boats types is that I have both a kayak and a yacht >6m, and I've owned them roughly the same amount of time. In that time I've spent exactly $0 on the kayak, w
  5. I'd find the manual online for your furler if you can. My one turned out to have all sort of hidden holes you were meant to put grease in. I used a small plastic syringe on mine which worked well, although the furler still sucks hahaha.
  6. I have a lot of respect for what Dalts has achieved in his own racing and with ETNZ. However, language like that "talk to someone sensible" reminds me of a bully who is used to getting their own way. As you said, the ratepayers will likely foot the bill, and if indeed the city holds the risk then I'd support anyone who tells him to get stuffed.
  7. The Spanish team defending the America's Cup should be able to afford a pretty nice event in Auckland with all that extra sponsorship money they've opened up by moving to Europe right? Right? They're not going to expect a small city like Auckland no longer directly involved to pay, right? Right?
  8. My hope would be it would last long enough so that the next owner is the one to have to sand it!
  9. I've used Altex Timbercote on my boat's fairly extensive exterior timber. Very easy to apply, looks great, but is ultimately a traditional varnish that needs 1000 coats and starts to look a bit tatty after 18 months. I've seen some fantastic looking results from people using 2 pack varnishes, so finding some user stories about them would be interesting.
  10. The fact that executive level management have managed to convince society that in "order to get the best you have to pay top dollar" while they laugh all the way to the bank with millions in salaries, bonuses, stock options, golden parachutes, etc, despite their companies doing terribly is one of the great cons of the modern era.
  11. He seemed like a nice guy, I'd never buy a boat off him though. There's a really weird mix of boats at the moment, over priced pieces of junk, dreaming half million dollar machines (but nice ones!), and surprisingly well priced tidy cruising boats that seem to sell fast.
  12. The meme where the guy puts a stick through their own bike wheel comes to mind...
  13. I just fill the bilge with diesel and swear a whole lot, but each to their own...
  14. Just as a comment on pre-heat, my Volvo engine doesn't have preheat/glow plugs, but does have a starting procedure involving pulling and releasing the fuel cut-off handle prior to cranking to engage an extra starting fuel switch. It's difficult to start without that, first pop otherwise. Point being, start procedures for different engines may not being obvious, but are important! I've found Nigel Calder's book good for thinking about things in a logical way, starting with "Engine Won't Crank" and what to run through, then "Engine Won't Start" and what to run through. Sitting in the m
  15. Hey, thanks both, some great leads there.
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