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  1. Worksafe have no authority over a pleasure craft/non-commercial vessel. There may be some applicability to marinas and their risk management of gas on boats in their facility. My boat doesn't meet NZ regs, but it simply means my insurance doesn't cover any issue or accident caused by the gas system. Seems fair. I am baffled overall however with how uptight insurers are getting with long standing customers with well maintained or at least somewhat maintained boats. Yet there's zero requirements or restrictions on experience, training, qualifications, or any general suitability to be i
  2. A few people I know who've suffered serious head injuries in the past wear helmets or bump caps, more because they're vulnerable to even minor head knocks now. The yachting deaths in the past 10 years or so fall into three categories. Falling overboard/boat sinking, falling overboard from a dinghy going back to the boat (usually not technically classified as a yachting death), and being struck during a gybe. The fact those gybe related deaths are almost always due to the sheet is interesting. Suggests the discipline of staying low isn't being extended to not working in the sheet-arc when
  3. Leftred

    Coastal 2023

    Water quality discussion aside, I'm continually stunned by how terrible the Predict Wind tracker is. If I get auto-scrolled to the coast of Sri Lanka one more time I think I'm done. No ability to filter by divisions, no boat type, a number of trackers with the skipper's name not the boat (that's not the software's fault but still). Painful.
  4. They can get a haul out at The Landing for a hose down... oh wait...
  5. Great boats. I haven't even sailed mine yet and I love it. Can't imagine getting any more useable space out of a moderately sized 40-fter than the 1220 does either.
  6. Interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing that. I'd thought about applying to work on Earnslaw 15+ years ago. I'd learnt a lot from former engineering staff, examiners etc who'd worked on her. Most I ever shovelled on a railway locomotive was just short of 2 tons in a day... so would have been a step up hahah.
  7. My family own a traction engine, and just running that isn't cheap. I don't know the exact numbers but a day's hard running on the road only burns a couple hundred kilos of coal. I hate to think of the cost of running a fairly large steel steam ship. At least with a rail locomotive you can park it for a few years and it doesn't really deteriorate. I have always wanted to spend some time on a shovel in the engine room of a steam ship though...
  8. I'm pretty left leaning in general (sorry) but the idea that the tiny pin prick of emissions from heritage machinery should change their operation because of climate change considerations seems ridiculous to me. Although I've shovelled many tons of coal into 100+ year-old boilers over the years so I'm biased. Making any heritage steam operation work financially is very very difficult. Most volunteer rail operations are struggling to keep their steam locomotives running, except for a handful of very well run ones like Steam Incorporated out of Wellington. Add the complexity of hull mainten
  9. Nice thank you, that'd be really awesome. Definitely a lot of Townson influence, although I prefer the window shape to the Townson elliptical ones. Very much a family resemblance to the Nova when out of the water too, just scaled up a lot.
  10. Do you have any more info on the Transit designs? The Wrighty book didn't go into much detail. There's another Dennis Bettany built boat in there called Gemini that looks almost exactly the same, except being 35ft and a bilge keeler. Those photos of her being launched with the blue hull (long since changed to white) were sent to me by Dennis a couple years ago.
  11. A one-off Alan Wright design. Sold without builder or build year known, but I managed to track the builder down and he shared some old photos which was really fantastic. Hasn't been Flying Cloud for a number of years, and I would have changed her back but the current sign writing is quite nice. Standard keel. Sadly for sale soon as I've gone larger and plastic-ier.
  12. Any idea what year that would be? My current boat is much older than I am, but a picture of her being transported for launching in 1973 or 1974.
  13. Sorry shouldn't joke. That's really disappointing the harbourmaster doesn't want to help before it becomes a bigger problem.
  14. Na mate, just doing the anodes and then we'll be back into the cruise. Benefits of turning it into a bilge keeler. (A no-keeler?)
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