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  1. spotted the deed on 30th Sept
  2. Anyone know who made the aluminium castings for Pakercraft dinghy's - looking for the bow handle which rivets on, allows anchor rope over top. Fyran may have had a similar fitting so any idea whether their parts are still available too would be appreciated thanks - salvage off a wreck might be only chance i'm wondering
  3. try Chains Ropes & Anchors Ltd, for an actual chain diam recommendation - displacement about 2700 kgs bare
  4. looking like at least 11 x Young 88's for race 1, bigger than last year
  5. Watching he Guarantee on Stb now very powered up in the NW approaching Oneroa with one tuck & a blade looking very composed
  6. couple of earthquakes at 8am but no sign of a tsunami warning on civil defence, weird
  7. Ran Tan also looks like turned around heading NW - maybe the tracker position is out, or something local going on to avoid harbour
  8. anyone found where to watch AC Toulon live ? Sky monthly subs at $80/month a bit steep if you dont watch rugby as well & the on-line fanpass streaming doesn't include channel 5
  9. hmm looks like Sky have moved the AC coverage to channel 6 for the Portsmouth event so not available on fanpass - great to see some racing at last in Chicago but likely to be hard for most to see this one
  10. eighty8

    SSANZ 100

    first 3 Y88's doing the business passing Oneroa about 10:30, Slipstream, the Sailor Moon, then War Machine ...
  11. indeedie & it can be ordered through the Young 88 owners association, also have a free nationwide delivery offer for members check it here under offers
  12. otherwise all we get on mainstream is Rugby & Netball again
  13. First race for points is early hours tomorrow morning, 12:30 am start - forecast for plenty of breeze it's going to be great. ETNZ did well in the practice with a 3 & 1 & BAR looked strongest - plenty of interest for us in the other teams too. We & the general public need to show we are keen & interested in a positive way, so one of our networks buy's the rights to the future events, or we suck it up & pay the app fee fair enough.
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