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  1. Works out I didn't need it after all if anyone is interested. Same price.
  2. Steve

    UV Damage

    Has anyone had experience with the NZ sun affecting carbon spars?
  3. Steve

    Drop In Lithiums

    Were all of these plugged into the mains?
  4. Steve

    Drop In Lithiums

    This was yesterday at Pine Harbour. Apparently Lithium ion batteries. How nervous should I be if i was buying a new boat with lithium batteries? Or is this just a bad setup?
  5. Doesn't matter how many times the committee members proof read something, someone finds a mistake straight away. Very funny. I assure you we all went to school the day they were doing reading and writing.
  6. Hi BK I have another customer if there are any left??
  7. Excuse my ignorance but would this do data? As in pulling down weather to a laptop etc??
  8. Ha ha, yes, I know I did. A bit childish really. It's going to be impossible to police. But I know what you mean about the unwashed getting a sniff of rich white man's privilege in this country. We seem to have less problem with errant gang members flouting every rule however.
  9. Who hasn't had a boat starting with P suddenly pop out in front of them? We've pretty well decided that they should have stopped designing yachts after the Stewart 34. They had it right.
  10. That's really nicely put. Bring it on.
  11. Was that before or after breakfast?
  12. Yes, its a pity. I note, however, that Trish finished over a week after the 2nd to last boat into Mooloolaba. That sort of thing tends to strain the volunteers a wee bit. I also know of a Raven 26 that used to regularly cruise the Pacific. I guess times have moved on. That was back when men were men and sheep were nervous.
  13. The Katabatic thing is really a Stony Bay issue. Very steep behind the bay. If it happens, head out to sea, quickly. Yes Peachgrove Bay and surrounds has been voted best place in the world, by us.
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