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  1. We're in. Now why is this one so much more exciting and attractive than the BOP 380? It must be so frustrating for the likes of RAYC to see SSANZ constantly pop up with over subscribed events. 1. SSANZ do this stuff really well. They just seem to know what we want. 2. It's Cat 3, no Safety Survival Course. 3. It's SSANZ, did I mention that already. 4. Everyone's 2 handed, not just a division. 5. The stopovers are fun. 6. TONS of notice. I'll be standing in line for this one.
  2. It's that jolly Advanced Sea Survival Course slowing everyone down. Once you've done it a couple of times the novelty really wears off and it feels a bit pointless. It's a bit like asking to sit your driving licence every couple of years. I'm not senile. (yet)
  3. Quite frankly they were bloody amazing this year. Best welcome ever. But we could certainly see the writing on the wall. I've always enjoyed this race and would love to see it back in 2025. However it probably needs the support of a couple of Auckland clubs to get the numbers up.
  4. A recently widowed old lady decided she needed a social life so she signed up for evening classes at the local college. She thought: “Hmmm, my George and I went sailing in our younger days!” so she signed up for sailing lessons but the first class was a classroom-based turorial. She got to the college but she was late and started frantically running around the corridors looking for the room. Unfortunately, she ran into the Sex Ed class instead. Flustered, she found herself a desk and apologised. The tutor said:”That’s not a problem. Why don’t you tell us about your first time?” She l
  5. Because of incoming tides I guess.
  6. Nothing worse than floating into a floater.
  7. I knew I'd stuffed it up so I changed litres to tons. That dilution is quite possibly within the rules. Resource Management Act says 50ml per litre is ok for discharge. That's .05%. (Before Discharge) With your tide getting it down to 1/1000 of that, we're all good for swimming I reckon.
  8. So lets play with some more sh*t. Approximate size of the Hauraki Gulf, 2000 squ km, about 50km across and 80 km N to S. Bit of a triangle shape and a couple of islands in the way so halved 4000. Roughly 2m tide range twice a day. Each square km will lose, then gain 2 million tons twice a day. 2 million x 2 x 2000 = 8 billion tons. Lets say that only 5% of that water washes up and down the ditch. So 400 million tons over 3 weeks = 8.4 billion tons of flushing past North Head. Versus what? 27 million litres of very diluted poos and wees. So for every time you flush 1500 x 44 gallon
  9. I think we need to do a bit more maths. Lets say that a tenth of Auckland's sewage is being spilt. I know its way less. So lets allow 4 flushes a day per person @ about 10 litres per flush. Remember its only a couple of hundred mils per pee mixed with that 10 litres, but lets disregard that and call all 40 litres raw sewage. Roughly 1.6 million people live here so 160k x 40 = 6.4 million litres per day. That's 74 litres per second not 250. If we factor in the immediate dilution of that sewage with 40 litres of water you might be looking tops 20% of that. Say 15 litres per s
  10. Might save a gybe around North Head. Often a great watch.
  11. Despite all the scaremongering, none of the sailors (or triathletes) got sick at the Rio Olympics. City of 13 million v Parnell suburb of 8000. It's a bit like all these fronts coming through being described as "atmospheric rivers". Over reacting is now the norm.
  12. Looks like we'll have a winner in the next few hours and then a big fight for 2nd.
  13. Yes, she's in with a chance alright. Only 70 miles behind now and 2-3 knots quicker.
  14. Oh my goodness, you have to admire these guys, it's very frustrating out there. Just look at the track of Crocus. There's breeze coming!!
  15. I think normally the pole is the same as J. And there is no penalty on PHRF at or below J x 1.1. Sounds like yours is longer than J. Seems that if you're using a topper and the pole is still shorter than the foot of the genoa, it shouldn't be too difficult to manage. Specially if its carbon. And at that length you'll certainly achieve plenty of projection. But if you want a shorter one there's certainly a market for your pole as it stands.
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