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  1. Too cool SJB it was a Brooke design built in fibreglass by Salthouse. Coronet 16. Overall look was bigger than this though, more day-sailer in appearance than dinghy.
  2. Sorry Grant, I have a lot of respect for your views but laws that are in force but not currently enforced for whatever reason don't give me any comfort at all - the potential is there for everything to change literally overnight.
  3. Run across a couple of people in the past year who have done the "sail it home and make it the adventure of a lifetime" and have loved every minute of it. I would suspect the decision-making matrix gets a bit complex. Some of the non-financial (i.e. emotional) factors can go in there as pluses; on the other side, probably also pays to allow for: - viewing/inspection costs can get up there when the boat is in a different location - seems most people will have a shortlist of at least, say, four boats that are worth a look and obviously you don't want a budget shortfall on travel/accommod
  4. Ya really think he's gonna part with that just because you asked? The $100 can be dealt with easily enough but the long night at the Razza is probably priceless.
  5. Beautiful to watch, Smithy. The great thing about being involved as closely as you are is that the next time you are bouncing around the back of [whatever] island in the dark with a building breeze and a nasty lump, you will be the guy not worrying about what is holding the rig up. Leaving your mind free to concentrate on holding dinner down...
  6. All these refits finished and it's still only early November I thought that was what Christmas Eve was for. Good effort Royale - hope the relaunch goes well.
  7. Glad you have been rewarded for all your efforts. And if it's any consolation, it looks like a job that took twice as much. Very enjoyable thread, I will miss it, what/who's next? Think Royale is overdue for a confession, seems to be lots of new items being quietly investigated...
  8. Murky


    There was a race report from Tim in one of the other Coastal threads but it has slipped back a few pages now (and was also posted by Squid rather than Tim direct). Here it is:
  9. One day houses will be made like Lego and you will be able to pull off an entire room and slot in a nice new bright shiny module with everything ready to go.
  10. Did the bathroom of a house that had been formerly owned by an old couple using a similar method - hot air gun and wide scraper heated up on the stove element. Regretted it immensely when the heat hit the vinyl in the area surrounding the toilet. Can't blame old people too much I suppose, any toilet would probably be the same...
  11. Clearly no NZ firm could have come up with something that would meet the apparently-low standard? I thought we were past the era when we looked to other countries to tell us what was new and exciting.
  12. Some very nice handiwork in this thread makes me want to do something just for the sake of it.
  13. "In this episode of Barry Goes Boating, Barry demonstrates the ways in which a straightforward stability test can go off the rails."
  14. Murky


    Congratulations Tim on your rebound from a setback and for a very entertaining and informative thread.
  15. So are you denying that you were actually in the neighbours' kitchen or elsewhere on their premises?
  16. So many openings, so little time... I will run with the mature one: aren't the days of loading a rugby team on the rail left somewhere in our distant past? I thought the whole popularity of two-handed racing was testament to the fact that no-one wants to do that much organising, dealing with the last-minute cancellations, feeding and watering, chundering, getting off the rail for a slash, a smoke, another filled roll...the list goes on. The multihull guys have got to me and I cringe to say this but: lead is a helluva lot more reliable for the average owner than humans.
  17. That's enough of that quitter talk! Do you think the boys on the Force Eleven set off for the Bay knowing for certain they were going to jag a three-pack of Swedish backpackers? You have to show up, do the spadework, run the risk of getting rejected, pick yourself up and move on if so...it's a game of percentages. Or so I recall...
  18. Really? You really really really don't care? Go back and have another look at the photos.
  19. Padded velcro footstrap, for windsurfer, wakeboard, kiteboard etc. Can be screwed to any flat surface (a centrecase being perfect) and will also accommodate a wrist. No more (or perhaps more) banging in the galley. Sorry to have lost you team.
  20. Ah. I almost hesitate to point this out, given that you are clearly at the pinnacle of your career (and deservedly so, it was a top effort). There is absolutely nothing wrong with the pulling power of the 88 but the day may come when you find that your chances of enticing young backpackers on board are significantly reduced by the presence of your wife and kids. In fact you may be so busy retrieving Barbie parts from the engine bay, clearing drains blocked by hair, disentangling fishing lines etc that you forget to even notice such a lovely collection of backpackers on another boat. Howeve
  21. Well. My word. I think that is the best response I have ever seen to the old "photos or..." comment.
  22. Murky


    It is all very clean and professional. I was particularly impressed with the guides to keep the foam feeding into the circular saw blade. Nice new signature Clipper!
  23. ...and, it being Friday arvo, a dozen or so strategically-placed empties as the boys mark the end of the working week.
  24. Boarding party at the ready (including locksmiths and someone who can disable the engine/s)?
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