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  1. Unless it has changed recently there is no bond for New Cal. A great place to go. Good temperatures nice anchorages. Isle de Pin is beautiful as is Ouvea in the Loyalties. Easy sail to Vanuatu. Santo Island has some great beaches. Lots of anchorages in Vanuatu. But a month stay costs a bit as far as I remember but definitely worth it. If you want to get away from the tourist horde as in Fiji. Vanuatu North from Villa is the place to go. And Tanna is worth a visit all on its own. But If you want to just laze around in resorts dont go to Vanuatu.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/roger.foley.180/posts/1859954887577548 Radio NZ interview with one of the crew from Jungle. Wow a big expensive boat like that not insured. You would think an uninsured boat would be a bit more careful with their navigation. Although uninsured or not careful navigation around reefs is a must. In the interview only radar is mentioned re navigation I wonder what was happening with charts/electronic or others. Not sure if I am right but I thought Fiji require boat owners to dispose of any wrecks on reefs etc.
  3. Tuatara has always been well maintained and is still as good or better than she ever was. Her day is still now.
  4. Yes Jon you are correct we saw you in Denerau when we were there on Tuatara. Rune sailed her over many miles including his solo circumnavigation plus another circum with crew. So including our circum nav Tuatara has done 3 circles and is a superb yacht. We have met many people who helped Rune get ready for his solo trip and others who have come across or crewed on Tuatara at other times. A special yacht with good memories for many Kiwis. Currently at Marsden Cove Marina on the sales berth looking for her next owner and adventure.
  5. A great way to get to know your fellow cruisers is to ask them questions. Dont forget when out sailing seas and oceans and isolated anchorages your fellow cruiser is your best source of help and info if needed. So ask lots of questions and make lots of friends. As Jon says its looks hard from here but it isn't really, just lots of fun....well most of the time. . A great source of information can be found in the blog written by Amanda of The NZ yacht Balvenie. http://yachtbalvenie.blogspot.co.nz/ . They completed their circumnavigation last year and I know many many yachts have used
  6. After cruising extensively with and without a water maker , admittedly 2 years in the Pacific with chn was pre watermakers, I would not go without now. Maybe for a few weeks but when living on board for months/years at a time comforts are important. The boat was home we weren't on a camping holiday. With chn it is important to have healthy food and water, and have enough water per day as Jon says, for drinking. Dehydration can be a real issue in hot climates. A few times when away with our chn in the Pacific we got really low with water but thankfully rain arrived but that doesnt always happen
  7. Things change so quickly so when you get there just rock up to the nearest cruiser on your dock or anchorage and ask them whats the best deal they will have it sussed. You also can get free marina guides which have ph numbers etc. But as Jon says just turn up and most of the time a space will be found. Read some blogs lots of cruisers write great blogs with lots of free info. Try sailblogs.com and search subjects, countries etc.
  8. A water maker is a must, this is from a circumnavigated woman's point of view. We started our world cruise on one boat which did not have a water maker. We cruised NZ to Thailand via Aus and Indonesia. Getting water was relatively easy but often a good part of a day was spent getting it from shore to boat as there were not many places to pull along side in Asia. The time spent transporting water or negotiating for it to be delivered could be spent on more enjoyable pursuits like swimming, diving, sightseeing relaxing etc etc. Where as those who had water makers produced water as they moved bet
  9. Not sure if any body is following Lisa but she was dismasted this morning gutted for her as she was on target to break the record of sailing solo around Antarctic. MEDIA RELEASE: Australian Sailor Lisa Blair dismasted 895nm south of Cape Town 0300 AST Tuesday 4 April 2017 (1900 SAST) 048:38:384 S 022:31:430 E At approximately 0300 (AET) Australian sailor Lisa Blair issued a PAN PAN 895nm south of Cape Town when in 40 knot winds and seven (7) metre swell her boat Climate Action Now was dismasted after the port shroud broke in a knock down. Search and Rescue out of Cape Town have been
  10. Lisa is a gutsy young woman from Australia who is attempting to break the record of sailing Solo around the Antarctic, She is presently sailing under NZ. Worth following and seeing how she is managing on solar and wind power. Lisa competed in the 2014 solo Tasman race. https://lisablairsailstheworld.com
  11. Only place to be comfortable living on board during winter is in a marina with an electric heater. You save money on a mooring or at anchor but it is miserable in wet and cold. At best you need a warm pub or accommodating friends nearby but the money spent at the pub or sweetening the friends you may as well be in a marina!!
  12. We were told by customs when we cleared back in this year that the new tax will be the massive amount of about $21. Just the same or similar to the fee paid when flying although we dont notice that because it is included in the air ticket.
  13. Sweet Chariot a Buizen 48 David and Jill Henry from Aus have just made an epic passage. approx 1000 miles out of Galapagos on the way to the Marquesas their rudder broke. They have just anchored in Nuka Hiva after sailing 2000 miles with a drogue steering. Fantastic effort. We do not know them but friends on the same SSB Net contacted us so we could pass on Sweet Chariots email to Amanda and Patrick on Egret who sailed 1500 miles across the Atlantic in 2011 with a drogue after they lost their rudder. Egret have been able to pass on tips and moral support. SSBs are great on long passages.
  14. a wife/partner/family who enjoy sailing or are prepared to learn under you calm patient guidance.
  15. Belize islands are lovely but make sure you hire a Cat .....very shallow. San Blas Islands off Panama Coast are beautiful, interesting people. against the wind to get there from Panama but if you pick a calm day and motor well worth it when you get there 24 hrs to 2 days if you stop. The outer islands of San Blas are the best so if short time head for there. You can also charter yachts in Cuba. But to get most out of Cuba a land trip is best...but depends what you want out of a trip I suppose.
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