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    Trouble is I don't have a Nexus server and they are not available. Thanks for all of the advice. IT I will be in touch. Rhanks.
  2. Changed


    Will the Lowrance 7200c talk to Nexus wind gear. Both talk 0183.
  3. Check the DYC sailing instructions for the finishing times for Solo IQ competitors. You need to be back at Richmond for you free dinner! Out of towners can tie up in Westhaven.
  4. Have a nice time Josh. Weather looking light at the moment.
  5. http://www.dyc.org.nz/sailing-programme/sailing-instructions/short-handed-series Check this link for the SIs.
  6. The Solo IQ prizegiving is after the race at RYC. This is the last race of our series and it would be great to have everybody there. Looking firward to it.
  7. I use a Caligo gennaker furler. It has a torsion line that the gennaker roles around from the top down. Will always roll up tight when you're underway. Just takes more turns than you think. Not cheap but a little cheaper than the sail. Ideal when you're gybing with runners.
  8. Our plan is to treat it as a qualifier.
  9. Changed

    Race food

    Kaweka is good. Back Country OK when it's a bit rough and the food won't stay in the pot. I used a jet boil to heat water. Good becaus you can sit on aa bean bag on the floor and clutch onto to it tight! I have no fridge and no chilly bin.
  10. Got to 9 Buoy, several times, but just couldn't get around the corner out of the tide. So close. Pulled the pin at 7.00AM. A long night, on your own.
  11. Changed

    Route 1

    I'll leave that with you!
  12. Changed

    Anyone Know

    If I put the card from a mono colour chartplotter into a coloured screen plotter will the charts be coloured?
  13. Changed

    Route 1

    Good to have you there Josh and have rounded up some playmates for the day. Are you coming back to Kawau on Saturday?
  14. Changed

    Route 1

    31 solo entries. Must be some kind of NZ record.
  15. Changed

    Route 1

    A great turn out by the single handers with a fleet of twenty eight. Also good to see a few of our bigger cousins coming out to play. Even the breeze looks to be filling in. Roll on Friday.
  16. Changed

    Route 1

    Is the Marshall in town at the moment?
  17. Changed

    Route 1

    Checkout www.soloiq for some more of Suellen's fantastic pics.
  18. Changed

    Route 1

    This is the solo division of the Route 66. Great to see Sunfast Racing and Berenice having a go this year. Must have seen the bags for the solo guys! Hopefully we'll see the Gale Force and a few more of the bigger boats giving it a go solo.
  19. Also entered. This is the big one for the SoloIQ fleet. Who else is joining us for this summer's biggest single handed challenge?
  20. The fastest part of the race was he sail home today. The destination however is fantastic and the squadron did a fantastic job with their catering and entertainment. Also a jazz festival at Mansion House. Probably the most congested finish line I have ever crossed. The single handed fleet faired well in the light fickle conditions. The Imprezza was a fabulous Solo IQ HQ for the weekend. Many thanks to Charlie for arranging to get it there. Congratulations to Cin on Wild and Trish on Wishbone. Caught a couple of videos on the way home today.
  21. Night Race To Kawau with Solo IQ. Tomorrow night's challenge. Entries to Richmond Yacht Club.
  22. Best anchorage for you probably mid channel in Bon Accord!!
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