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  1. Hi. I may be looking at selling mine? Pm me if you want to chat more.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/184759482871196/
  3. Do you know the name or have a link to the FB page? Thanks
  4. HI Paul Have you found crew yet? I have text you this morning...so just waiting on a reply Thanks Wayne
  5. Hi..keen to help...If you like to PM me I'll give you my details
  6. Like this post so far...just wondering what are the offshore stats like on an Easterly 30? The people i talk to seem to think she is a great solid pocket yacht... I welcome ideas on this model as well
  7. Hi Im based in Orewa (close to Gulf Harbour) and keen to see who is looking for crew for next years Auckland to Suva yacht race? Are there any sailors on here maybe looking for crew or know of someone who plans to do the race? I have offshore experience and very keen to give this one a shot. Thanks in advance Wayne
  8. Hi Wild Violet... Yes i had to check out the belt driven prop as well....but with the people ive spoken too im told its very good, and has little issues, however plan to get that checked during the survey.... And the westcoaster is pretty ugly.....im sure a very strong and solid yacht and im sure she will handle what ever mother nature can (and will) dish out, but i prefer my yachts to look a little prettier than the westcoaster...Thanks for the thought though as i had seen it in the past.... The other option i had also looked at was a Chic 30 for $19k, however there is something a
  9. Hi fellow sailors.. Im on the hunt for a solid small offshore sailor, and with all my homework i keep coming back this this yacht...(below). http://www.gulfgroup.co.nz/displayboat.php?list_code=9924 Ive done alot of both coastal and offshore trips in other peoples yachts so now its time to do one (or more) in my own boat. I love this lines on this one, however i do not know alot about it...Ive looked at Google, and followed the links to the builder in Aussie, however even though she seems to have a solid offshore background, im not 100% convinced she will be the small pocket ya
  10. HI MrFB Just touching base to see if you have crew yet for your trip to AKl? Regards
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