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  1. The ferry's will sometimes take a small boat on a launching trailer worth asking
  2. Coast guard skippers don't get paid! I have been one for last 6 years but have just left as maintaining my masters ticket was harder than maintaining my mnz ticket I work full time as a master!
  3. Oldsmobile used to be called camellion in Wellington for awhile
  4. If Cep does not want it i would be keen Cheers Howdie
  5. Correction entries are Eagle Elliott 5.9 Geralda Elliott 6.5 Alien Thompson 650 Howdie
  6. The first 3 entries are in Eagle Elliott 5.9 Geralda Elliott 6.5 tba Shaw 650 This is going to be a great event come and join us
  7. I also have recently purchased a bonito and am very happy with it apart from the 5hp motor it came with is a bit underpowered when pushing in to fresh wind im looking to upgrade to a yamaha 8 if i can find one they are out of production at the moment.
  8. Hi The Tasman Bay Cruising Club is holding a regatta for trailer yachts and sports boats along side the nelson regatta on 22-24 january 2016 .Starting with a rum race on the friday and cans racing on saturday and sunday. Tasman Bay has great sailing with nice sea breezes and warm seas why not come and join us for some fantastic sailing! For NOR and entry forms head to our web site tasmanbaycc.co.nz Cheers Howdie
  9. Hi Im looking for a trailer sailer suitable for cruising and will fit a family of four prefer a glass boat over 22 foot my budget is up to 15 k im located in nelson
  10. this guy built the thing on the boulderbank and when asked to remove it he cut the cabin off a small boat and floated off and left a mess on the doc controlled boulderbank , first decent southerly it fell off the boat, now the wreck of the boat is made another mess in the haven good on the council for gettind rid of this mess. it was never seaworthy and had no holding tank im glad its gone Howdie
  11. Bugger i only just found out about this to late to bring my 5.9 this year but im keen on next year. Howdie
  12. Howdie2

    Boat Fire

    She had some sort of engine room fire and blew out port side planking im with coastguard and tried to put fire out for over two hours was too dangerous to board and couldnt pump out water fast enough was sad seeing her go down
  13. Good luck to the Nelson boats ! im gutted not to be racing this year.
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