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240volt WOF on board

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Yep, depends on your boat. Do you have a 240v distribution board, hard wired with a permanent waterproof connection for the shore power board? If so, you need a electrical wof, if it's a extension lead to a plug board, you dont. the cord needs a current inspection tag in either case. Some marinas interpret the regs differently, so check with yours.

If there is nothing wrong with your boat, a wof is around $150 as I understand it.

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A little bit of a thread drift but I have often wondered about the practicalities/risks involved with using an inverter to get 240 volt on board. I

have (still) a long way to go with the use of 240v sanders on board. The refurb project just never seems to be a completable task. Mostly because life gets in the way of boating but that's another story all again...


Electrickery scares me stupid.Especially 240v and partricularly AC, but an inverter seems the only way of getting the power I want on board so I can

do sanding and that kind of stuff (yes officer and vacuuming the dust off so it don't get in the water) without moving to expensive work berth

situations (of which there seem few these PC days anyway).


Anybody care to try and educate the completely electrickery challenged?

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what's your question?


for most big 'tools' say a big belt sander 






you're going to need about a 1000watts


but could get away with less for something like a small sander


a 1000w inverter is about $350 on trade me




and probably would suck down a standard battery in average condition in about 15-30min of sanding


so are not very practical for most boaties....


something like this however may do the trick for $300 as long as you feed it petrol





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That one is only 650w - many power tools need more. Some appliances need true sine wave as well, so check the specs of the genset. Personally, I've not had much to do with gensets, but I'd be looking for a min of 1500w true sine wave. Then you can run pretty much whatever you want... 

Man, gensets have got cheap in the last few years!

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