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I was replying to Elly's post and with additional general insurance knowledge for all. Like if your house kitchen tidy bin caught fire you do not crack a beer , sit and watch it spread, then when the

Boats in Port Vila have copped it:  

That's some curry you must have had Rob!  Reckon we have'nt seen a gust over 25 here yet - the tamaki now cast, the Bucks anemometer on windsurf and the glendowie one on metservice all still reading

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Not that bad.  I got bored and went to bed.  My boat is fine  :thumbup:


Good thing Pam went past so far out.  Here in Whangarei it gradually built all day, peaked out at around 70 knots here about 9pm for about half an hour and then eased off a bit again.  Just wet now with very welcome rain.   Looks to be passing closer to the coast round east cape way so they might get more wind than up here.

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Was very bumpy and noisy here in Opua and it peaked close to midnight but much calmer now. I'll pop out in the dinghy in a while to check Black Panther and that other guy's boat but I expect all will be ok.


The other fella (Webb's) boat is okay. He just emailed me that someone else had seen her fine and dandy this morning.  Cheers mate.

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Hey AC , if you happened to see Wonderland , ( 40 ft Perry)could you just eyeball her a bit for anything astray. There is a guy there looking after her but it would be nice to tell her caretakers overseas that she's OK.

Approx where is she?

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It is a terrible thing to see the photo of Timberwolf up against the bridge. My heart really goes out to Tim. We seem to have got off lightly here. Easterlies don't pose much of a problem in the estuary where the Offender lives, she is fine this morning. But low tide looked like a mid-tide. It will be interesting to see the beach at high tide today.

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Anxiety is building over the fate of Vanuatu charter boat operator Simon Hamer, whose Tauranga-based family has not heard from him since Cyclone Pam hit.







UPDATED 12.12pm: Tauranga yachtsman Simon Hamer is safe and well following the devastating effects of Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu.

Simon's son, Barnaby, contacted SunLive to say: "My dad has been in contact now and he is fine. So is the boat."

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