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and we are off.

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So Team Wheels arrives in Gisborne and then -   - a local restaurant right on the wharf (which happens to be my 'go to' when in Gizzy) suddenly catches fire - there is a news article in this mornin

HOME!!!!! Weeeeell almost. Killing time outside Tory entrance, waiting for the Tide change at around 8AM. It's 5:50 at the mo. I used the Live ships AIS thingy on my laptop as a poor mans radar. Actua

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Bit of a rough nite with large breaking waves but Team Wheels has got in some surfing action.

Bang!! Sure Bobs Alot (the dingy) decided to bail, bugger.

Sea much improved this morning. Currently off Blackhead Pt about 50nm from Castle Pt.


They were averaging over 7 SOG yesterday arvo and it sounds like that carried thru over night. Sound like the team would have preferred a bit different weather but they sound fine and are covering the miles so nice going so far, may it continue for a couple more.

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Ive found White Rock is a great place to be in a NW screamer, Really good holding but windy anchorage  on the right hand side of the white rock.


Spent a few nights there many a time after a hard NW reach down the coast.  Never dragged  even in 50  gusting 70 ish and  1 metre wind "Chop" coming off the beach.  - Danforth 10 mtr chain and warp 


There was a 1 meter wind  chop only cause we had to anchor a long way out so we wouldnt get dumped on the beach by the 3 mtr southerly swell that had picked up. The southerly did arrive next day which gave an nice sail to Wellington



Good Fun

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