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and   Henrik and Stratosphere Damage under the waterline The Hull, our Cabin together with Reib...after... The Cockpit When we left the island, Airport My new dress Arite and Map

Hi I just Found this discussion about finding the catamaran Stratosphere. I was member of the Crew on the journey from Panama , headed for the Philipines, and we ship wrecked at Christmas Island i

^ thanks Phil   found those, bit forlorn she looked   and as pics are better than words here again is the mag shot GregW posted on boatdesign   you can see where all the various half tubes went

Posted Images

Ha, right BP, it was kind of light!

This from Mette;

Henrik has send me a lot of scanned pictures. We send some pics from the boat when we sailed, when we tried to repair the rudders, and from the wreck at land.

Pics also from the Island and the village Poland, where we lived for 2 weeks (Henrik and I) with the teacher Arite and his wife Maapa. Tom, the hired captain from Fort Lauderdale, also lived in the village.

We have no pics of Jerry....he and Rieb lived at the hotel in the other part of the Island.

My 24th birthday was celebrated, and the villagers made a wonderful party for me, gave me New  clothes and flowers for My hair!


Yes, it Sounds as a story not to believe when we tell the details. We know that!

About  guns:  Jerry had some automatic guns under his bed, he showed us the first Day on board. I do not actually Think he was smugling, for as many Americans he would not Dream of travelling without being armed...


I wrote a diary and many letters home, where we tell about this very extraordinary trip. And we have often in the earlier days talked about writing a book about our experiences....but now it is so long time Ago.


Here I am at the rudder, the boat was very fast, up to 32 knots....
Beautiful scenery.
The Doldrums
Tom at the night of the shipwreck
One Rudder down
Reib Steering
Other rudder down


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Henrik and Stratosphere


Damage under the waterline


The Hull, our Cabin together with Reib...after...


The Cockpit


When we left the island, Airport


My new dress


Arite and Mapaa, our hosts


My birthday party


My Birthday...




Thanks Mette! Interesting story and pics...







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After a bit of searching, I've found her on google maps, and requested a "historical landmark"  icon called "Stratosphere wreck" be placed at the location.


Apparently it takes a few days to appear on the web.


In the meantime, here are the approximate map co-ordinates, 1.853074, -157.547120

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