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Armare Ropes Single Handed Weekend 7&8th October

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That's right all you Nigel's, it's on again and we are back to Fairway Bay


logo with rope.jpg



October 7th and 8th 2017


Start at Orakei and make our way north to finish off the entrance to Gulf Harbour Marina. Then into Fairway Bay for a evening of beverages and bullshit and maybe more boom boom coming from Space Station.


The next morning start off GHM and wonder our way back to a finish off Orakei.


Divisions for extras and one for no extras, courses tweaked to suit.




1500x500-02 800px.png





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Race Control as ready as it will ever be.

Patrol boat ready

Snarler's for a post race nibble ready

A special lemonade or 2 will be on hand...... for emergency rehydration purposes of course, safety first people ;)

Disprins on hand for the morning.

Swag is on a aircraft winging it's way from Armare in Italy... drive faster please Mr Pilot


We have splurged on the 'Good Weather package' so should have a nice 10-12 NE for the ride up and a good 15 Northerly up the chuff for a good slide home on Sunday. 


With the His V Hers SR battle I wonder if we should have a marriage counsellor on hand?

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