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  1. yesterday's meeting was a full house too. not standing-room-only like last November's, but every chair was taken yesterday. yes, we have work to do to make sure the hardstand is re-established in the most effective way possible. it was a massive accomplishment to even get the board to listen. huge thanks to everyone who has put their time into this effort.
  2. I was merely riffing off your comment that, "If a golf course, rugby field, cricket pitch, skate park, basketball court was under utilised and better served the community as something else then yes that should at the very least be explored." You are either moving the goalposts or creating a strawman argument by saying now, no, you mean a skate shop. But hey, I'm impressed you've stuck around so long after announcing you won't be back, so I will amend my metaphor to work within your changed parameters: If a skate school pushed for the closure of the skate shop next door so they had more sp
  3. That would be equally hilarious and infuriating that it got that far. This whole situation is an ugly bad dream for me. https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/news/landing-okahu-bay-last-chance-have-your-say
  4. And if a LOT of skateboarders turned up to the local board meeting about closing the skatepark and said, "hey this is our only safe spot to board in our community! we get huge value out of this space and if you take it away we are going to have to use footpaths and roads or give up our hobby entirely," I would really hope the local board would listen and come to a compromise. Not sit through their speeches, then tell the rest of the board before they voted that he'd still be voting to close it (shoutout to OLB Chair Scott Milne for doing exactly that last year).
  5. Calling the content of this thread an "echo chamber" is a bit silly when every Auckland sailor I know (except those on the RAYC committee), every Auckland club (except, again, RAYC), and YNZ, are all saying this closure is a poor decision and they do not support it... Add in how you keep claiming the link between Howard Spencer's openly declared interests in the Trust and Tamaki Marine Park are a conspiracy theory, and aye yi yi, it makes me feel like I'm back in America with Trumpian politics: call those with the majority opinion conspiracy theorists in an echo chamber and use your money to t
  6. Okahu sailor, you encourage me to "encourage the Council to allow club yards to expand their footprints," when I am encouraging the council to simply maintain (or honestly, even reduce somewhat, but not remove) their yard's footprint. You sound like a NIMBY, to which I can only say: "okay, boomer." Pull your head in mate.
  7. Closing boatyards in the name of supporting people having access to the water is cutting off your nose to spite your face too, don't you think?
  8. Ahhh so that explains why some of these places weren't suggested to me when I was asking anyone and everyone during my hunt 🤦‍♀️
  9. Of course the closure is in the club's best interests -- they are interested in money and a bigger carpark. None of those dirty DIY yachties. Melges 40s craning out at Tamaki Marine Park are the way of the future for "the fortunate few" as you call them! https://infocouncil.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/Open/2022/12/20221208_OR_AGN_11150_AT_files/20221208_OR_AGN_11150_AT_Attachment_91434_4.PDF Page 2 (by document page numbers; 5th page of the pdf file): "When all boats are antifouled annually, capacity is 33% of the fleet for Auckland" "Relevant points from the distanc
  10. Lol, I'd love to know how many people were on the committee that wrote this simpering drivel. "The exclusive use of a fortunate few..." Give me a break! I'd love to compare how many boats moved through that space annually in order to keep themselves running for cruising and racing, then add up how many people got access to the water from attending said cruises and races, against your tally of dinghies and paddlers and the like. Only then could possibly I be willing to hear out your argument in good faith. And for the record, I *have* spent a *lot* of sunny weekends there in the last
  11. Well, I've been asked to comment and if you know me, you know I love to comment... Yes, please fill the survey out, folks! select that "strongly support" option when it asks about the hardstand, tell them it's insane to propose a $10mil park when they have no money to do so! The boatyard is so, so critical to local boats, particularly (and, I admit, very selfishly) multihulls. It's an absolute farce that a certain chair of a certain Akarana Marine Sports Charitable Trust seems to have the Orakei Local Board wrapped around their finger, and it's utterly tragic but most RAYC members an
  12. Yeah, Fish, that kind of girl! ???? Am one of two women in the regular 8.5 fleet here in Auckland. We were the only boat to go out today (gusting high 30's). Took great pleasure in telling the other crews to woman up and stop being a bunch of a boys ???? And if you know me, you'll know those comments were dripping in love and sarcasm. Equality for all! What's between your legs has zero impact on how you sail a boat!! (I can't believe I have to explain this to some people!)
  13. put my new (to me) winches on! was initially happy but after sailing Westhaven to Waiheke on them I felt like the self-tailers were in the wrong position, so I shuffled them around. in doing so I over-tightened them onto the base so the drums weren't turning smoothly, and then sheared the head off a bolt off while adjusting them again to allow room for the drums. so, that was fun. fixed it all up now and relatively happy. they're a little bit big for the boat (beggars can't be choosers when you find a pair of winches for $150 at the car boot sale) so I need bigger sheets if I want to r
  14. Ahhh haha getting into the long shelf-life food and I discover I failed to bring a can opener. No tomatoes for me Also forgot ice during my departure but fortunately realized it right when I got to Westhaven, and could swing by the cafe at Z Pier.
  15. I'm from Chicago. These are not unfamiliar conditions (2+ meter seas), but they are not particularly common. Also, the air might be warm but the lake is 900ft/280m deep and it does not warm up. Surface temps are around 65ºF/18ºC right now (https://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/glcfs.php?lake=m&ext=swt&type=N&hr=36 sidenote: I really miss having a gov't that obsessively tracks this data; NOAA is amazing) We used to go by the 50-50-50 rule: 50 minutes in 50 degree water (that's 10ºC) means a 50% chance of survival. Lot of sailing deaths this year. Be safe out there, folks
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