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Armare Ropes Single Handed Weekend 7&8th October

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Great weekend thanks Grant and Armare Ropes. First sailing singlehanded in the Gale Force, and i learnt a lot. Here are some of the lessons i learnt:

-Tie your battens in aftet you swap mains. Saves them falling out apparently.

-figure out when to start, dont start 1 min after everyone

-let runner off before you tack

-let runner off before you tack

-close hatch BEFORE the first big wave goes over boat, not after

-dont wrap kite around forestay

-if you wrap kite around forestay, once is enough, 6 times is too many....


Ill do better next time. Maybe.

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A write up to follow shortly...... including the comment "I think Sunday morning is the first time ever I have seen an entire fleet wide and race management wide hangover'. Armare Ropes did out a few bucks on the bar and the fleet did deal to them all with enthusiasm.


But in the mean time was some of the finishing close?





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