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If you did happen to have too much Diesel in the Petrol BP, then you might notice a little blue smoke in the exhaust from the Car.
You can also get away with a little Petrol int he Diesel also, with no adverse affects on the Diesel Engine. In the really cold climates, they add 10% of Petrol to Diesel to allow easier starting. I don't recommend that for here though. If there is too much petrol, it will cause Pingking or more accurately, Detonation. A sound like someone inside the engine with a hammer smacking the metal. If the engine does that, then it is not good to run the engine for too long as damage can be done. If it does it during acceleration only, then just put the throttle down a little more slowly and get more diesel into the tank as soon as you can. You don't need to drain the tank unless you have filled a 1/3rd to 1/2 empty (or should that be 1/2 full) all the way up with Petrol.

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after switching from many years with diesel vans


to a petrol car


once made the error of putting $10-5 ltr of diesel into the near empty 60 ltr tank of the car


the attendant suggested waiting 2 hours and paying $120? to a guy who would pump it out


but decided that a petrol/diesel mix of 90/10 was unlikely to cause any problems so filled the car with petrol drove off without any noticeable difference


petrol / diesel at 50 / 50 however starts to give horrible running and lots of white smoke, but still provides low power (as found out when almost running out of fuel taking a small tanked ducati deep into remote mountains) 


the bigger danger is the other way round when anything above a 50 / 50 mix in a DIESEL engine is almost certainly going to blow out the head gasket when high octane petrol starts getting hammered by the 20:1 compression of  diesel engine.......... but again if you don't rev the hell out of it you may just get away with it

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Scottie, Kerosene is the better product for injector cleaning. However, NZ Diesel is very high quality and also has a cleaner of sorts in it. You would not notice any improvement. Same with any of the injector cleaners you can buy. None of them make any improvement that would make the cost if using them worth while. These cleaners worked well oversea's in countries where cheap fuels and high levels of sulphur are present.

The bigger danger of a high mix of Petrol in Diesel is lack of lubrication. Diesel is in fact an oil and it has great lubrication properties. For the injector pump, this lubrication is essential.
A mate of mine accidentally put Petrol into his Diesel Toyota Hiace Van. A Lot of it!! Twice!! He had to have a new Injector pump and injectors. Luckily he had idiot insurance and that covered the fix. But it cost thousands. What they didn't test for at the tome was compression. After it was all fixed, he found the Vehicle started using huge amounts of Oil. Now the bottome end needs rebuilding and that is going to cost $5K and insurance isn't paying for that part.

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