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START: 1100HRS off Westhaven Marina



A 22 mile race hosted by Ponsonby Cruising Club competed for annually in 22ft L Class ‘Mullet Boats’. The harbour course is decided on the day and has previously been between Narrowneck area in the East and Kauri Point in the West.

The Cup was donated by Sir Thomas Lipton and first competed for in 1922. It is made by the same silversmith as the America’s Cup and is the oldest consecutively competed yacht trophy in New Zealand. What makes it more special is that is has only ever been competed for by one class of yacht.

The Start will be ‘on the wind’ and can be viewed from the Clubrooms or Westhaven carpark area. A windward/leeward is incorporated into the course before the boats head off down the harbour. The boats will also be finishing in front of the club rooms for great



The H Class will also be a racing for further entertainment for those remaining in the club rooms. They are the larger 26ft relatives of the L Class and still maintain their Gaff rigs.

You are welcome to join us at the clubrooms, from where you will be able to view most of the race. The Club will be open all day from 0730.

There will also be spectator boats available. If you would like to watch the racing from the water or have a little space on your boat for some spectators please contact the club.

Breakfast will be served from 0730hrs—0900hrs: $20pp/$22pp or $10 per child. Please see attached menu. Bookings are essential.

Race Briefing at 0900hrs. All skippers to attend.

Bar to open 1400hrs. Food will be available following the race. Please see attached menu. Antipasto, Seafood & Vegetarian Platters available for pre-order and a snack menu is available on the day.

Club contact details: 09 376 0245 / info@pcc.org.nz.

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Is that where the old railway carriages went to?

Orion took the trophy. We were second after a good battle with them. Next boat 11min back. Great days sailing but man those things are hard work.....

10 Mullet boats in the line up for the start, 10-20knt easterly straight down the guts of of the Waitemata with an incoming tide the whole day. This was going to be a challenging 98th race for the Lip

Posted Images

The fever is building, yachts are on the hard with 1200g paper being bandied about, dehumidifiers cranked up, serious tactical breifings undertaken at Swashies and even L class crews in deep discussion at the squadron bar.

The most critical thing though is who will run the book with my old mate N C Collins gone over the bar to the most peaceful anchorage last year? 

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Don't know about the Squaddies bar but there was some boats practising both sailing and smack talk yesterday arvo/evening at the Ponce.


One or 2 boats very hastily being preped for tomorrow but many are still under the scalpel getting ready for the 100th.


We may even see Tamariki back for the 100th, the one that's won more Liptons than any other L Class. The PCC got a call a year or so ago from someone in Akl Coucil saying they were demoing a shed full of stored boats do you want a suss before the bulldozer sorts them out. A team popped out to suss and found a hull stripped back to planks that had been sitting there for many many years. On looking they thought 'Looks L Class' so sussed deeper to find it was Tamariki. No is knows how she got to that state or into that shed but shes been saved from extinction. She is now in the hands of Martin and Rob who are rebuilding her to her former glory and hope to have her in the 100th. There is a charitable trust being set up to look after her.


There are around 4 or 5 boats being rebuilt/ having a Xmas from hell at the moment. Some names and a few blasts from the past.


Word is one is being fitted with fibre rigging, that'll be very interesting to see as another word is saying 'I'll protest if she races, fibre rigging is not allowed' :)


If anyone wants to see genuine gender, age and dietary equality in yachting it'll be on show off Westhaven on Saturday. There are skipper/crews of all genders, the ages range from 11 to over 70 and they include the entire diet spectrum when talking animal products.

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I'm on the Tamatea with Trubi.

You do realise last year he tried very hard to sink her, how he didn't know one knows including his crew. It was impressive to watch how far he took her, involuntarily, yet came back from. Check where the life jackets are kept ;)


Tam has unfinished business after last years unfortunate finish to her race and is a genuine contender, very much so.

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