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2 blade folding prop had its day

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Thanks for the replies. I've tried to contact Briski, but no reply.

Had some more practice today and some improvement in my skill,

but what certainly doesn't help is the fact that when you hit

reverse, nothing happens, unless you hit at least 2500 revs.

I guess that's the problem with folders against feathering, the trailing

edge becomes the leading edge, which is not very efficient.

Might be back to kiwiprop, which is what I had on the last 9.2

My previous boat had a Yanmar 3GM with saildrive abd 2-blade folding prop which was pretty good ahead but needing lots of revs astern before it got working. But propwalk itself was minimal and disappeared immediately the boat had any speed in reverse. I learned to give the helm a little tweak to stbd as I hit reverse to offset the propwalk and the result was that I could reverse the boat as accurately as parking my car. Literally. I don’t know the name of the prop but I’ll try to find a photo to post in case the helps?

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Thanks for the pix.That looks like the same prop as mine. I agree it needs heaps in reverse before it does anything, but great performance in ahead. However, after another couple of days playing with it, still huge propwalk in reverse, and even when you get the boat moving at 2/3 knots it still won't go to port.

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My current boat has far worse prop walk and so the technique I’ve adopted is to get the boat moving astern and then reduce power back to slow astern - this gives the rudder a chance to bite and overcome propwalk after which I can add more reverse power if needed but now the rudder is in control.


Maybe try that?

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