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I've just had the second berth user of a large prominent marina say they got a call from the marina saying they had checked their boats and they are all fine. All good and nice to hear they are b

Had a nice call from Westhaven staff today asking if there was anything they could check on/do on my yacht. After asking whether they'd mind sanding the brightwork and applying a  few coats of va

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Hi Skyewater,

The email from Sulphur Point Marina also points out that staff are walking the jetties regularly checking for problems which is probably more attention than a lot of boats normally  get. It also gives a couple of phone numbers to call if you have a real concern and access will be arranged in an emergency.

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On 6/04/2020 at 8:21 AM, waikiore said:

If sulphur point has prevented you from accessing your own vessel then they have also taken on the responsibility for its wellbeing and with it the insurance implications.

Hey Waikiore, sorry to butt in, but I PM'ed you the other day, so you probably haven't seen the red marker at top right of your screen on the front page of the forums.

Its just a query I had about a Contessa you auctioned off many years ago....wondering if it's my one!  I go into more detail in the PM.

Cheers mate


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On 2/04/2020 at 10:13 PM, Aleana said:

The first UK Marina has just written to all berth holders to say no fees to be charged during lockdown, given it’s closed with no access to services etc.

I'm waiting for that email from my French marina....

We just got an email that the City of Zürich will reimburse parents who have taken their kids out of crèche during the pandemic (to leave more room for those who don't have the option to care for their kids as they still have to work). We still pay at the moment, but the city will pay us all back. Apparently they're still going through the motions of figuring out if the state or federal government will reimburse them, but the city are going it alone for the moment... It's nice because it's nearly 3k a month per kid for crèche. 

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