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Two teams allowed into NZ

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The Government has also relaxed the rules to grant border exemptions to two syndicate teams who will challenge Emirates Team New Zealand for the 36th America’s Cup.

The US Challenger, team American Magic, will bring a total of 102 workers, along with 104 family members, to New Zealand. INEOS Team UK will bring in a total of 86 workers and 128 family members and one nanny. Syndicates were expected to be in New Zealand for up to ten months.


Twyford previously said the Government anticipated large numbers of people would be coming through, so was looking to set up a way for cost recovery.

On Friday, Twyford said the America’s Cup was expected to contribute more than $100 million into the economy during its time in New Zealand.

The series of events will conclude with the final match for the America’s Cup being held in Auckland in March 2021.


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Yes I think so, but quarantine is fairly chilled, in a hotel with govt minders to take you for a walk once a day. I always thought they'd us secure military basis like Army Bay, with all the campervans that the tourists aren't using now...

The other thing I haven't worked out,  I thought there was 5 or 6 teams entered, I'm not sure what is going on with the other teams...

The only reason I think there is 5 or 6 teams entered is because we are all helping pay to build their bases... or at least thats what Phil Goff said, so it must be true.

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the current talk seems to be that a trans-tasman bubble may have to be delayed until the end of the year

and only 'safe' countries' after that

Let's not forget Jacinda Ardern has also alluded to a potential travel bubble with Singapore. You can see a distinct possibility that places like Australia, Taiwan, Singapore and New Zealand could have an active travel bubble next year. This would operate on the understanding that Covid-19 is controlled in each country, and if a case was imported, it could be quickly stamped out.

hard to see european and yank spectators arriving in time for cup races...


even china reporting a new cluster from a beijing market

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All going to plan American Magic hope to be sailing by the third week in July, and that will be the first time New Zealand fans see two AC75's on the same stretch of water.

The other two Challengers, INEOS Team UK and Luna Rossa are expected to be sailing in Auckland in early September and the third week in October respectively.

Rumours persist that America's Cup regatta dates and race schedule will be compressed and/or the entire program shifted into late January, February and further into March or beyond.


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