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Clunks... What's going on here?

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2 hours ago, DrWatson said:

There's a dude popping down to the boat this week sometime to swap out a stanchion... might ask him to just have a little poke around...

You could well be onto it with that. Especially if the stanchion is a leaker. Diesel meets water and all that...

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Starting to like the idea of 1000Ah of 48V Li and a DC motor slapped on the top of the saildrive...

Something big that require revs / centrifugal force is the prop, and one blade sticking will obviously cause balance issues. I actually wondered if you had a bucket wrapped on the prop. If it was a sh

The thing is with Camshaft, Cranks, Chains, Cogs etc etc and any other solid mechanical timed mechanisms, if they fail in anyway, the issue is not intermittent. They all cause major and even catastrop

18 hours ago, BOIGuy said:

I think you need another technician. 

That engines pretty clever if it can change its timing by jumping a tooth then jump back to perfect for a while. 

I'll check back with him, I'm probably misquoting, he found the issue on the Kubota. 

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On 17/08/2020 at 2:02 AM, John B said:

Any news?

Don't tell me, Volvo has seen the video and said gosh, that's serious, we'll get there with a van and 2 men to solve this problem immediately. 

Yep, that's pretty much exactly the situation at the moment, everything except for the two guys and the van thing...

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An update!

Good afternoon,
Our agent Volvo Penta Service xxx xxxxxx has been on board your vessel
They made several checks and they made running the engine during 30 minutes
they have changed alternator belt which was too much tensionned.They have also drained a few lube oil in the saildrive because oil level was too high
Then they runned again the engine and trouble di not appear anymore
Nethertheless, what i suggest you is when you're back around our location is to contact Jet marine, and make a sea trial with them
like this, you'll have an engineer on board and if troubl appear again, he will know where to go throught
May you be ok with it?

Waiting for your feedback,


To note: belt was adjusted but professional Volvo certified service tech at 38h

Sail drive oil level checked by same ... if he didn’t add any oil then there was too much at commissioning. 


No mention of the tech was able to replicate the issue...

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