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34th America's cup boats OD?

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There's been some talk that the 34th AC will be raced using One Design boats, the design touted has been Russell's RC44's.


Personally I think this would be stupid as the AC has always been as much about the boats as the crew, and there seems to be quite a bit of OD racing anyway?


What are your thoughts?



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where's the 'talk' been? I haven't seen it?


The closest thing I heard was when LE was asked what was the coolest boat he'd sailed on - he replied " I think the RC44 is a pretty cool boat, but if you ask me the coolest boat is that trimaran that sits not too far from here' (or words to that effect).

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I'm pretty sure that it was on the front page of SA but it's too old now.


So LE likes the boats, their RC's boats, BMW are the major sponsor of the current series and LE has confirmed (in the post race press interview) that AC34 will be raced on monos.


You don't have to stretch it too far to make the ends meet! :twisted:


SO you think it's a good idea or not?



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