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Fiordland Cruise

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With a cruise to Fiji next year perhaps  a bit 50:50 due to covid, Fiordland in the summer could be a plan B.

I presume Late Feb/March is the best time weather wise and that the direct route via the top of the NI is the best, but would appreciate any input from those who have been there and done that.

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21 hours ago, splat said:

Get hold of Jim Dilley - Environment Canterbury Harbourmaster, extensive experience cruising Fiordland and sub-antarctics in summer and winter. Ring him at Ecan. I'm sure he would love to chat about it.

A good suggestion thanks for that !

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On 21/09/2020 at 9:36 AM, Steve Pope said:

Chewing gum did it a few years ago, I bought a lot of info from him with anchorages marked, cruising guides, and a huge amount of useful notes, chart drawings, CD's etc etc. I would on-sell them to anyone interested. pm me if interested ??

Thanks Steve, I will get back to you on that depending on how it all goes.

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I was down there 3 years ago great place .Get the user guide to fiordland called beneath the reflections all you need to know is in there.I went down the east coast as the weather didnt allow us to get down the west coast,more places to stop.Got pinned on Stewart Island for 3 weeks by the weather so be flexable and dont push it.

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