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12.7x8.1 m trimaran Recommendations for haul-out?

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We are looking to have a yard scrape and spray new bottom paint on a Farrier F39 trimaran. We don't know the area and looking for advice. We are in Opua now and will be sailing to the south island in early January.  We had JJ haul us on his trailer last year but this point loaded the hull and cracked an integrated water tank that we had to repair.  I think either a "SeaLift"; Crane, or a wide travel lift is best for our hulls.  I don't want to do the work this year and looking for the yard to do a good job.



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36 minutes ago, CarpeDiem said:

Whangarei or Marsden Cove? 

Hardstand Directory

Thanks for the hardstand directory... hauling a tri is a bit trickier than most boats; Marsden can not  haul us.

Whangarei... Oceania Marine is looking into it....  we are also curious about the yard's reputation/customer satisfaction since we want them to do the prep and paint.

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We just did exactly this a week or so ago at Sulphur Point marina in Tauranga, 10.6 x 8m tri, they have a hydraulic trailer. No problem whatsoever, easiest haulout we've ever had. Call Greg, 07 578 8747 or email admin@taurangamarina.co.nz

We used Aaron Lane at Marine Reflections to do the bottom paint, again great job, painless exercise 0275135863

Stop in on your way past to the South Island

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