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Dry dock recommendations auckland area

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I need to get my 25ft 5000kgs boat into dry dock, for a week or two, in six weeks' time, or so. Ideally somewhere with power available, and a gantry to step the mast, and where they're not going to moan if I stay on the boat, whilst i'm working on it. I'm going to be grinding fibreglass (osmosis work) and fitting transducers and such....nothing major, so I want to do it myself, and not go somewhere where I'm forced to pay for licensed contractors, to do it for me. I'll be using a professional rigger though, to replace rigging, so somewhere where they will travel to, too, (any rigger recommendations also appreciated).

Dont really know the area too well; has anyone got any recommendations? Cheers in advance.


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I doubt you'd be allowed to sleep aboard at any haulout yard. 

Westhaven mast gantry has gone, so Half Moon Bay is probably your best bet.


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you can definitely stay aboard at Norsand and when I was reassembling my boat at Westpark 5yrs ago it was tacitly allowed, ie I stayed aboard and no one complained!

You may need more than 2 weeks if you need the hull to dry out from the Osmosis

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Possibly Dockland 5 in Whangarei? I've never heard of the place, but some mates who live aboard just completed a 3 week haul out there.

Doubt you will find anywhere that meets your requirements in Auckland, esp the staying aboard bit. As mentioned already Norsand is the other likely option.

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