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Electronic dumbo needs confirmation on in-hull depth transducer

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Hi all,

So do I have this correct those of you that eat this chart plotter / nmea / transducer stuff for breakfast.

I am thinking of splashing out on a B&G Vulcan, which has the following:

"Sonar Compatibility: Integrated CHIRP / DownScan / ForwardScan. Single 9 Pin Xsonic Connector"

If I want a in-hull transducer, which I do as I hate holes in my hull - is this the correct Airmar purchase, being the: "Airmar P79-9N 600W 50/200 kHz In-Hull Depth Only Plastic Transducer Navico 9-Pin xSonic"?

I know this is probably laughably simple for you electronic geeks, but for someone who just wants the effing thing to work when you flip the switch, the world of matching in-hull depth sounders to chart plotters seems unnecessarily bizarre and confusing to me.

Anyway, thanks anyone in advance who can confirm.


Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 7.35.32 AM.png


Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 7.35.13 AM.png

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The person to buy from and ask those questions to is IT. He sells and installs the B&G gear and will be able to give you the advice on which transducer to use.

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Just order it with your Vulcan. Better to use a DST800, or 810, then you get depth, speed and temp from same transducer/through hull, but yes, needs a hole in hull. That is no issue if done correctly. You wont get the best info a Vulcan can give without boat speed.



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