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Marine refrigeration anyone

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Timely thread this as the fridge stopped working on the yacht on the weekend. I am hoping it is just a re gas. Did a serach and came up with the following companies:

Ocean Air


Extremely Cool


I see Ocean Air has already had a mention but has anyone had any experience with these - any other recommendations?

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Just a thought.... how UPRIGHT do gas fridges have to be to run properly? I have run that Electrolux on gas only in port (12v when sailing). The pilot flame could end up heating the flue to dangerous levels at a lean?


Gas fridges aka convection fridges aka absorbsiion fridges aka 3 way fridges all work on heat to generate a cycle of convection, very similar to boiling a jug, they are not really happy with motion upsetting the process however most do seem to get over this, the 12V and 240V components are heating elements clamped to the pipe somewhere near the burner to carry on the convection process and consequently not at all efficient and added more as a "keep ya cold" till the next time the gas is on , having a mix of ammonia. hydrogen and water inside the bits with the gas/ mix in do need to be steel hence probs near salt water, they are however really easy to perk up and all it takes is picking them up and shaking the living crap out of them at all angles to mix the stuff up again and away you go, there was a really good guy we used to pass these things onto for service years ago think his name was SHANMORE refrigeration and he was/ is in ponsonby, luckily the danfoss bd35 and bd50 arrived on the scene and changed DC refrigeration for the better, actually for the far better. Oh and a little something to ponder, every kg of LPG produces approx 1 lire of water while burning so if your're running it inside your boat you now know the reason for damp squabs and pillows

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Another issue with 3way fridges no one seems to have mentioned is the flame burning on the back of it day and night, meaning you are constantly providing an ignition source and are just waiting for the day something flammable finds it.. LPG leak, petrol fumes (ok maybe you have a diesel engine but do you have an outboard for the dinghy? they often leak a bit of fuel... (explosions do happen, an old bayliner blew up here a few months back pulling away from the fuel dock injuring a lady and her son and blowing apart the cockpit floor). As mentioned they are horrible on power, I havn't seen one that draws less than 10amps when tested, and there is no thermostat on dc, they don't got cold enough to warrant one so that current draw is continual.

On another note, I'd say wheel's fridge wouldn't be an option for most boats because of its power requirements, that thing must draw 10 amps or more also? Most people seem to be trying to make their boats more efficient, that system won't help.

Engine drives are expensive to maintain, as many people have now said there are many issues, and a lot of systems in NZ are quite old and neglected. By the sounds of the system in the opening post, you would be lucky to get it running reliably for less than $1000 let alone a few hundred.

On a final note, be careful ripping apart 3way units to make them compressor driven, they are full of ammonia which is not nice stuff. I'd sell the 3 way to a motor home it was made for and as said before, talk to www.fridgetech.co.nz

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