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  1. Thanks for making me aware - I’ve submitted
  2. Doesn’t seem like you need any more whiskey HT
  3. Rangi1


    I was there. While the result was disappointing, the event itself was way better than I expected . I had been sceptical about the short amount of racing, but it was actually fine - probably better than 2 hours of distant keel boat sailing. Amazing amount of logistics (and obviously cost) involved in putting this on, but I can now better see the vision. I think the Auckland event will be great if you are prepared to open your wallet. Grandstand seats were $100 USD per day, plus beer. Lots of kiwi support there.
  4. I’ve been on that ferry many times…
  5. Ferry not at fault - hit broadsides by a fast travelling motor boat. One account has it having two 300HP outboards (while also saying it was a jet boat!). Ferry skipper seriously injured
  6. Rangi1


    I only watched Saturday though- I have just heard it wasn’t on YT Sunday which if true is very weird.
  7. Rangi1


    I’ve watched every round, including Lyttelton, on YouTube- no adverts, full (slightly annoying) commentary but easy to watch.
  8. And me, Wednesday evening a couple of weeks ago. It used to be a popular spot for them, then nothing for a few years. I doubt it’s aimed at the yacht clubs, more just North Shore into western suburbs route.
  9. All good Zoz - we’re all a bit sailing time deprived right now
  10. I’m happy to answer them Zoz, as it didn’t say to stick a root vegetable up every exhaust. It was in response to a particular sub-section of boat owners that run their generators all night. I’m sure a small number of yacht owners also run their engines to charge the batteries and get the water hot.
  11. A sad indictment on you Zozza to judge a large number of people using such a sweeping generalisation simply by the type of boat they are on.
  12. But surely he could have returned to base earlier as the forecast worsened?
  13. I did a slow transition over a couple of years from old ST60 gear on Seatalk to the i70, i60, p70 controllers, autopilot and a new chart plotter on STNG. Buy the iTc 5 converter first so that all the old gear plays nicely with Seatalk NG and buy the new bits as you can afford it. I just took my time and looked for bargains on eBay and overall (including shipping) I saved around 50% on NZ RRP. Much of that was before the new GST capture rules however. Worked well for me, and the newer Raymarine gear is perfect for me (not a racer).
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