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  1. It’s be good to know which superyacht people are talking about. One of those that has been getting lots of media attention never anchors. Like has not anchored since it was launched. It stays in place through GPS and can even rotate to make sure the owners wake up with the morning sun coming in to their berth. Maybe the lynch mob doesn’t hold all the facts?
  2. Rangi1


    He seemed to finish ok though…
  3. Thanks for making me aware - I’ve submitted
  4. Doesn’t seem like you need any more whiskey HT 🤔
  5. Rangi1


    I was there. While the result was disappointing, the event itself was way better than I expected . I had been sceptical about the short amount of racing, but it was actually fine - probably better than 2 hours of distant keel boat sailing. Amazing amount of logistics (and obviously cost) involved in putting this on, but I can now better see the vision. I think the Auckland event will be great if you are prepared to open your wallet. Grandstand seats were $100 USD per day, plus beer. Lots of kiwi support there.
  6. I’ve been on that ferry many times…
  7. Ferry not at fault - hit broadsides by a fast travelling motor boat. One account has it having two 300HP outboards (while also saying it was a jet boat!). Ferry skipper seriously injured
  8. Rangi1


    I only watched Saturday though- I have just heard it wasn’t on YT Sunday which if true is very weird.
  9. Rangi1


    I’ve watched every round, including Lyttelton, on YouTube- no adverts, full (slightly annoying) commentary but easy to watch.
  10. And me, Wednesday evening a couple of weeks ago. It used to be a popular spot for them, then nothing for a few years. I doubt it’s aimed at the yacht clubs, more just North Shore into western suburbs route.
  11. All good Zoz - we’re all a bit sailing time deprived right now 👍
  12. I’m happy to answer them Zoz, as it didn’t say to stick a root vegetable up every exhaust. It was in response to a particular sub-section of boat owners that run their generators all night. I’m sure a small number of yacht owners also run their engines to charge the batteries and get the water hot.
  13. A sad indictment on you Zozza to judge a large number of people using such a sweeping generalisation simply by the type of boat they are on.
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