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This is bull S#*t


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Get an overseas VPN account... it will also help you if want to dodge the copyright laws that just came into effect.


Something like this.... http://www.hidemyass.com/


Not that I would ever do anything like that :roll:



That seems to work thanks - so TVNZ which we own (as taxpayers) use our money and choose to deprive us of watching our sport on the web - WTF??? Then no doubt will cut it up fill it with ads and dub in dickhead montgommery about 6 months after the event at 2am.... f**king brilliant!

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go to


and make a complaint


something like the below might be a simple start


TVNZ - you pack of ^%$&^%# - you have had us (that is us in NZ) blocked from watching AC 45 streams from You Tube.

How about you do the right thing and provide a live stream of all the footage as well as allowing access to replays from your own website.

TVNZ is owned by New Zealanders - start serving us not pissing us off.

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Well......the sneaky, low-down, dirty, conniving bunch of scum sucking bottom dwellers!! Just saw a One News clip 5 mins ago about how good it's all going to be and the b@!#$%ds are going to block our access through anyone but them!!!!


Shame on you TVNZ

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