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  1. I’d really love to see a pic of the underside of the boat after a couple of days of sailing through that stuff. Possibly super faired antifoul or all paint missing - unsure just how abrasive that stuff is?
  2. Hurts


    Indeed - some sailing on TV was an enjoyable watch with some consistent breeze - 3 teams up to speed now and coverage was a big improvement from Sydney. I used to enjoy the extreme series - is that dead now?
  3. Hurts

    Hobie 16 refresh

    Yes - that's close to the sort of thing I was after thanks - I do want to reuse all the functional Hobie bits and don't want to build from ply... the lines are certainly more modern than the Hobie but still quite dated compared to modern A's or F16's... There are plans for a "Blade F16" - which looks lovely but the tortchered ply method http://www.thebeachcats.com/pictures/?g2_itemId=11955 looks horrendous compared to building in foam strips... it's a hard road to find the perfect design - I guess I really want a slightly smaller Nacra 570 hulls...
  4. Hurts

    Hobie 16 refresh

    Ok thanks I might try him - I’m not actually too worried about the cost in money or time in building some new hulls - I’d just like to ensure they are an appropriate design and superior to the old ones.
  5. Hurts

    Hobie 16 refresh

    Thanks guys - Eric the tramp platform etc seems in reasonable condition but the hulls probably need more than just an epoxy injection- whoever sold it to me seems to have heard about the mast rake thing cos the current rake is incredible- it’s still pretty rubbish upwind. I quite fancy new hulls. the NACRA 5 is also a skeg keel but the 5.2 is a centreboard job. I’ve had a good look at a modern cat and can probably copy ones lines if required but I was wondering if someone had already done it. Is a swing centreboard with a slot etc actually better than a skeg? Marginally better I suspect but l
  6. I bought a somewhat clapped out but still sail-able Hobie 16 (70's, 80's vintage) about 5 years ago for $1500. I initially wanted it for it's rig and sails for a Tri project but have moved on from that particular idea. I have been leaving it on the beach at Pauanui, mast up, between Labour day and Easter each year and sail on it with the kids on the estuary and have slowly fallen in love with it's speed, simplicity, toughness and general retro awesome-ness. It's perfect for the estuary as it can carry lots of kids and there are shoals and reefs everywhere which makes a centreboard a PITA.
  7. Hurts


    If you were building new and wanting to race in Auckland then a pretty safe bet would be to build another http://bobfishermarine.com/dirtydeeds.html - maybe getting Bob/Clive to give some pointers on some updates with what they have learnt over the years of racing it. The damn thing was impossible to beat (sailed well) once it could fly a hull, AND you can get insurance!
  8. +1 don’t give fun police more power. Freedom to take your own risks is one of the best things about NZ and we have other more important issues.
  9. A few trimarans here cant their rigs to windward - Vodaphone/Frank racing (the ORMA) seem the most dedicated practitioners... sailed a few times on F82 Sledge (need for speed/Predictwind) the effect between canting and non canting in gusts is quite remarkable - with canting you seem to lean less and accelerate much faster... but it is a lot more work on maneuvers...
  10. I’m chartering a sailing cat in Tonga for a week this winter, I kinda said I’d sailed randomly around Auckland for 40 years and they said “ok” - no mention of formal qualifications required...
  11. Hurts

    Tamaki River

    I’m with Native on this - you never want to go down this path
  12. Greetings All - It's been a very crappy winter and not much multihull racing has been happening and the rum racing scene has faded entirely. This is a big pity and we'd like to do something about it. While most people cannot rum race each week, historically there used to be an effort to get boats out one week per month. The 8.5 committee would like to re-establish this habit. To this end three boats: Hurts Like Heaven, Stealth Mission and Dirty Deeds have all committed to doing squaddy rum racing once a month again. The first date for us to race is the 4th August. The purpose of this p
  13. Get teams to fill in the gaps up front with loose-ish nets - make them all do it and no one is advantaged windage wise but far less likely to go in over the front beam - otherwise someone will get cut badly at some stage.
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