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Gday from across the ditch.

I seek information on Gazelle 26ft Trailer Sailer.

There is 1985 model for sale which has caught my eye. However not many were sold in AUS so information is scarce.

Who was the builder?

How do they compare with other similar boats in NZ?

How many are still around in NZ?

Are they a Racer?Cruiser or just a cruiser.

Any comments welcome


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There was a Mk1 and a Mk2, they changed around that time. The Mk2 has a stern scope, it was lighter an generally an improvement on the earlier model. From memory there was a change in the rig/ sail plan as well. They are good heavy weather boats.

I think the builder was Wellington based, Darel Mcxxxxx ?


Check the NZTYA web page for acting data.


They were a popular boat. There are some with fixed keels as well.


Hope that helps.

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There are quite a few Gazelles around. The MK1 version was made in Christchurch, and then the molds were moved to Wellington and the Mk 2 version was made here.

Several are raced at my club (Evans Bay) they go quite well, but I think the extra weight means they struggle a little to hold off the Noelex 25's.

A strong capable cruiser, I have a book written by a retired couple who circumnavigated NZ in a Gazelle. The North Island over one summer and the South Island another summer. The book is rather laborious reading, called "Starlight around New Zealand". They chose the Gazelle for the trip as it was the strongest most capable trailer sailor around.


About the only negative thing I have heard about them is the towing weight is quite high, you will need a decent sized vehicle to pull it.


That is my immediate thoughts, I will try to find the book over the weekend and get you some more details if you like.

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I should have done some homework before posting last nights reply. It seems the Gazelle is Wellington born and bred.

It is also a successful club racer here, not sure about other cities. being from Wellington it was designed to cope with windy conditions.


Here is a page from the Starlight book.


Judging from the year it looks like the one you are looking at is the lighter MK2 version.


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