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Sandspit marina debate continues

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So construction has begun along with the antis moving into phase 2 or 3. I predict that if it's like most other marinas built in NZ the Marina will have to face antis running 24/7/366 patrols to ensure every letter is adhered to to the nith degree, which will only delay and add cost for their neighbours, and at times increase the physical danger to the workers and those in the vicinity for no good reason bar shear bloody mindedness. Also we'll see deliberate attempts at sabotage, some will be successful some won't. Again all that will do is delay the construction and add costs for their neighbours. Along with other just silly stuff that won't change the outcome as sadly all their efforts will be in vein as the marina will still be built.


Oh well, I suppose it will make better watching than the Super 34 or how ever many it is now.


{edit} As one or 2 have questioned. No I'm knot saying someone/s will, I'm just saying it's far from unheard of to find pegs moved, fuel tampered with, machines tampered with and other niggle stuff. It's a prick of the thing to do to people just doing their job, but some peoples passion runs that high they need a vent for their frustrations I suppose, that's understandable. Just hope none of the silliness leads to anyone being harmed.

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